At last.

Some of you may remember the story of Lucy aged 9, who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, and the fight her mother had to get her a medical card in order to pay for the added drugs necessary to keep her alive.  At a time when Lucy was very sick and life so uncertain, it was incredible to hear her mother on radio and in newspapers championing the cause of sick children. At the time I called her ‘A mother in a million”.

I stand by that title, because from today July 1st 2015 every child in Ireland diagnosed with cancer, will receive a medical card. Because of Lucy and the tenacity, strength and determination of her mother, parents who are going through hell at the moment, will get the help they need. Parents, who do not know yet what faces them in the future will thankfully have one less worry when that awful news comes.

Thank you again Angela. It is not many who will go through life and make such a difference to so many.

I know many of you who follow my blog live outside Ireland, so I thought you’d be interested in this update today.

photo credit: davidyuweb via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “At last.

  1. what is it they say about a butterfly in Brazil (or wherever?) flapping its wings and that action leading to a chain of events that result in an action thousands of miles away? 😆

    it can sometimes seem that we are small insignificant cogs in a machine, powerless to influence decision-makers – but this story demonstrates that just one individual, with the courage and determination to take a stand – and with the support of social media – really can change social policy !

    1. Loved your analagy Duncan.
      I think that is one of the reasons I am so amazed by this story. When Danny was going through chemo we often spoke of those whose cancers were not covered, but it took this amazing lady to do something about it, and during such a hard time in her own life.
      That must have been some amazing butterfly in Brazil. 🙂

  2. What great news! It goes to show that when we fight for what is right, it’s what is right not just for us but for others. I applaud the people that keep on fighting, even through the dark times when it seems that there is no way to their goal.

  3. this is a powerful turn of events and it makes me so happy that this is one less thing the families will have to think about. i will be even happier when this horrible illness is out of all children’s lives.

    1. I agree it is only when our eyes have been opened to what little ones go through that we understand chemo for kids is so much tougher. I think the next 20 years will see an end to chemo as we know it but it’s too late for too many.

  4. Tric, that woman is a force. Does she branch out in to other countries???? God bless her and her family, and all of the families she has just helped in a horrible time.

  5. Wonder news, Tric. I’m always impressed by the people who go that extra distance to make sure others won’t face the same challenges. Those with such powerful hearts are true heroes.

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