A hidden joy of parenting. The power to embarrass our children.

There are so many things I love about being a mom, but my favourite of all is the power I have to embarrass my children.

Sometimes it takes everything within me to resist. It might be a simple “I love you” shouted in their direction, or a kiss planted at just the right wrong time. Maybe it is that moment, when you ask a friend of theirs a personal question, or you cant resist saying something out of line while driving a car full of their friends.

Most of my favourite moments are unrehearsed, unplanned. They are moments when I suddenly become tempted, and cannot resist.

This is one of my very best such moments. My son was in fifth class in school. In other words he was eleven years old. I dropped him to school as well as his sister. As I was about to drive away I saw he had forgotten his homework journal which hfallen out of his schoolbag. I picked it up and headed into the busy packed school yard.photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc

All the children gather here every morning until the bell rings. Then they go into their class line, and out comes their teacher, who they then follow into school.
My sons class were just gathered in line when I arrived. He was chatting with his friends. As I drew close his eye caught sight of me. In that moment I saw one thing loud and clear.

It was fear. He was mortified to see me approach. His friends picked up on his discomfort and drew around. It was in that moment that temptation hit me. It hit me real hard. I did not have the ability to resist.

As I came closer he looked at me horrified, “Mom, why are you here?”. I looked at his little face, all embarrassed and his friends waiting expectantly for my answer and it just popped out, “T, you know why I’m here! You forgot to give me my Goodbye kiss”.

The poor fella. He went purple with embarrassment. His friends were speechless. Quickly I pulled his journal out from behind my back and said, “Ah I’m only joking, you forgot your journal”, and I handed it over.

To this day it is one of my very favourite memories.

I don’t think my children will ever be able to afford the therapy they will need in the years to come to recover from childhood. I on the other hand have had a ball.

33 thoughts on “A hidden joy of parenting. The power to embarrass our children.

  1. There is a magical date on all kids that makes them let go of our hands a three and by school age they don’t want to be seen with us. It’s okay…. their children will do it too! 😀

    1. It is fantastic. I enjoy it so much. My daughter reminded me of this tonight and ranks it as something she could never have got over or forgiven.

  2. My best friend’s dad used to revel in mortifying his kids. I thought it was funny, since I wasn’t related, but I was very happy that my parents didn’t seem to have that tendency. I may be too soft-hearted to indulge myself when the time comes.

    Then again, I might easily still dance in the supermarket.

    1. I too would have thought that, but then temptation came calling and I became a different person!
      Bad and all as I am their Dad is a disaster. He even embarrasses me sometimes.

  3. this is a great story, tric. your off the cuff response to him was hilarious. i think we have been training for years for these moments and we damn well need to seize the opportunity when it arises )

  4. Oh my! This is just too funny! I have caused major embarrassment to my children as well and loved every minute of it! They still talk about them at family gatherings and I still laugh just as hard!

    1. Yes we had a good laugh remembering this last night. Well now I think about it, my daughters and I had a great time laughing, my son after ten years is still not quite over it.

  5. I must admit, that I have done everything to avoid to embarrass my kids, but I feel sure, this did happen anyways, at least before I became awake not to repeat.

  6. You little rat bag, Tric 😀 I’m only saying that because I’m jealous – my kids know I have the power to embarrass them in front of their friends, and I read their desperation not to be kissed/cuddled etc in public a long time ago, and control myself. I saw a mother blow a gasket in a school meeting at the lycée recently. Her poor son was red as a beetroot, and his school friends were all sorry for him. Bigfoot finally acknowledged that evening that I was not as embarrassing as some other parents. RESULT 🙂

    1. I am usually good not to embarrass them in any of those type of situations, it is usually more the comedy (on my part) sort of situation I go for. I have not the self control you have. 🙂

  7. Tric that was thoroughly enjoyable! Sometimes I feel bad for the laughing….but I am POSITIVE it doesn’t come close to the laughing they do at us. 😉 Well played Tric, well played.

  8. As a kid, If I was out and about with my dad – he would SKIP down the footpath! It didn’t matter how busy it was. Imagine a 17 stone man skipping just to mortify his daughter! Appreciate it now though. :0)

    1. Ha, and this boy was a major contributor to my sleepless nights. I know it’s wrong but sometimes I just can’t help myself. 🙂

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