No Excuses!

One of my very closest friends,
got the devastating news at Christmas,
that her son aged twelve had leukemia.
We have all taken time to adjust,
but life continues in any family,
especially when you have children,
as I think this post clearly demonstrates.

Within her own home she has four children,
Last night they were all playing a board game called thirty seconds.
To play the game you read a card and give clues,
your team must guess the five things on the card,
within thirty seconds.

One of the kids is eleven,
and dyslexic.
She became very frustrated,
because by the time she finished reading the card,
thirty seconds was nearly up.

Eventually she exploded,
“This is not fair, I have dyslexia”
Her brother piped up,
“So what I have Leukaemia!”

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