I learn more from blogging than from Google.

As I write daily,
putting “my thoughts on a page”,
I often just write as I think.
I do not intend it to inspire,
nor do I expect anything I write,
to make any real difference in anyones life.

However as I read other peoples blogs,
that is exactly what happens.
Many entertain me,
as humor is my first love.
But a lot of what I read,small_2543142037
of a more thought provoking nature,
remains with me.
Continuing to surface in my mind,
as I go about my everyday.

I particularly read a lot of blogs,
written by mothers of children,
who are facing many challenges.
ADHD, Autism or special needs.
They write about their children’s difficulties,
and of their successes.
But what has the greatest impact on me,
is when they describe how it feels,
to be a mother facing a life,
with a child who means the world to her,
but has huge mountains to climb.
Fighting to get the help they require,
helping them to fit in with “normal” society.
Teaching them to walk, talk or socialise,
as well as the usual everyday tasks of being a mom.

I look after a swim team,
teaching over three hundred children to swim.
In that number we have some children,
who definitely have some degree of difficulty.
ADHD, dyspraxia and others.
Yet not one mother has ever come to me,
and stated this to be a fact.
Nor has any mother declared it on their application form.

Recently we had twin five year old boys join up.
That very first night,
I could see they found some things difficult.
Taking turns was not for them,
they were unreasonably aggressive,
and unaware that they were splashing and disturbing,
many of the smaller children.

I said nothing but decided to keep an eye on them.
Two weeks later one of the boys,
had an all out super de luxe melt down.
He screamed and roared,
lashed out and his language turned the air blue.
His mom removed him from the pool.

After the session I approached his mom.
She looked very apprehensive.
However I said I would like her to ring me,
instead of talking at the pool.
Four days passed.

During this time I continued to read.
One post in particular resonated with me.
In this post, a mother of a son with ADHD,
remarked on how many times,
she had been called into her sons school.
I thought to myself how negative it must feel,
to always have the wrongs and problems,
of your child thrown at you.
Another blogger wrote a post,
about how hard she has worked over the years,twin boys
and still her son is out of place in the world.

So by the time I received the phone call,
about my young out of control swimmer,
I had had time to think.

Here was a mother of two lovely little boys.
I imagined her joy at hearing the news she was expecting twins.
The thrill of seeing them,
and bringing them home.
Then the reality as time passed,
that her two precious children,
were in need of extra help.
The looks she has probably come to expect.

So when the call came,
I took a very different approach.
mindful of all I had read on wordpress.
As we spoke I let her know,
that I understood that she was just beginning,
on her journey through life with her two small boys.
I realized they were only young and had a lot ahead of them.

Within minutes her tone had changed.
She began to disclose the true nature of her boys difficulties,
and the efforts that were going into them.
I asked how we could help,
and between us we came up with a combined approach.
To date the boys are much improved,
and both they and the class are benefiting from our chat.

So bloggers as you write,
never underestimate how effectively,small__6756753669
you are communicating your stories.
I am definitely a better person for having read them.
Many children I will come in contact with,
will benefit from what I have learned.
You might not change the world,
but you have helped to change a small piece of it.

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Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

31 thoughts on “I learn more from blogging than from Google.

  1. It’s sharing experiences that makes the blogging world such a wonderful place!
    As you so rightly say, a lot of what I read stays with me and makes a difference to my view on life. It’s a real privilege to gain a glimpse into other peoples lives – it’s not voyeurism, but living-togetherism (I know that word doesn’t exist…yet).

    1. Ha ha living togetherism! I love it. And yes I so agree it is a privilege and an education to see into other peoples lives.

  2. Thank you again, for bringing us into your inner, and outer, world. That’s what I love about blogs, to have these windows into someone else’s inner world, that even if we were seeing each other every day we could not know…You have a gift for sharing this, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring πŸ™‚ I’ve been all over WordPress today and this is the best thing I’ve read in a long time.

    1. Oh my goodness, that is a big compliment. Thanks a million. It is what I really think though. Others letting us into their lives and expressing themselves so well, teaches me so much. Great to know you are reading and enjoying my posts.Thanks again.

  4. A peak into the life of a mother who has a child with special needs resonates strength…to be able to talk openly about the struggles may be her only outlet, and it’s that outlet that has allowed her to retain her sanity…

    1. Yes I am conscious of that too as I am reading what they post. But most of them are about normal everyday life too, which is lovely. They do give me a great insight into what could very well have been my life too.

  5. Really beautiful to post this. It is an important reminder that it is not about the number of people who click like or follow your blog, but the unknown numbers who are inspired or touched by you. Something we can hopefully count on but not count.

    1. Yes very true. Although if I like a post or an idea I always “like” it. That is why you get to see me so often! But sometimes I read something and then think about it, but cant find the blog again as it wasn’t one I followed and I hadn’t “liked” it. Thanks for your kind comment.

  6. You just brought tears to my eyes. Do you know how much relief that mom must have felt when she heard your warm, understanding and encouraging words? Rather than the difficult conversation she surely anticipated, she found a person who truly wanted to help, to not judge. You are truly a gem Tric. I wish I could come give you a big hug. Thank you for being you.

    1. It was those eloquent bloggers who got through to me that deserve all the thanks really. I know the mum was very relieved though, she sent me a long text an hour later to tell me so!

  7. I think we are remembering how much wisdom we actually have in each of us.
    I love that.
    I figured out my own type of dyslexia from you πŸ™‚ and I have worked with special ed and studied psychology…Yes, I learn much from blogging.
    Much love-

    1. Oh that is great, thank you for letting me know. You have made my day. Isn’t it amazing how much each life affects another, or each post! If we’re sharing I can tell you, that sometimes when I read your posts I feel my shoulders relax and I take time to breathe.

  8. Yay! I had a piece in this?! How freakin’ cool! I just thought it was beautiful, I had no idea I was even a thought behind what was written. A-maze-ing!

    1. Lol I read it the first time on my Iphone and it showed a blank. Just “Tric commented…” and then nothing. Now that I’m on my computer I can see the happy face. Lol I feel silly…

      1. I will delete it if you like. I thought you were drinking and I worried! ha ha that is a joke in case anyone is reading!

        1. No! You don’t have to delete anything, silly. Do you know it’s 11 AM here? I haven’t drank that early since college! πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh you are so right about this. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve learnt so much more since I’ve joined WordPress and started reading other people’s blogs. And you are a truly special person, Tric. I never miss your posts if I can help it (although there are some hiccups with my app). I’ve mentioned it before, but I have to say it again: there is something about your posts that resonates with me. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, I suppose we all find common ground in most posts, especially from bloggers we follow. It is a depth of sharing I wouldn’t normally tolerate! πŸ™‚

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