Freshly Impressed #2

Forget about Freshly Pressed,Freshly Impressed
Stand by for another edition of
“Freshly Impressed”.
This is a regular post,
where I share with you whatever it was,
that caught my attention on wordpress

This week because I have only returned from holiday,
I will be giving you my “Freshly Impressed”.
from the large amount of posts,
which have lay unread in my reader.

The first I would like to recommend,
is from a fellow blogger,
who has experienced a lot of personal difficulties this year.
Her frankness and honesty at times are extraordinary.
Her blog title alone will have you men checking it out.
She has titled it “Fat bottom girl said what”.

The post I am “Freshly Impressed”by,
is one in which she steps away from her normal posts,
and writes for the first time,
in response to a daily prompt.
It is a short fictional piece which really grabbed me.

I am “Freshly Impressed” by...

Her Name In Lights.
It’s the smell. She can’t stand the fucking smell. Desperation mixed with vanilla cupcakes, stale sweat laced with the vestiges of last night’s drunk, and the nasty snatch of that one bitch who never seems to bathe. It makes her want to lose the two Xanax and the shot of Jack Daniels she washed them down with.

Read more

My next choice is a post from a blogger,
whose blunt opinions always make me smile.
She has only recently had a second baby,
so great credit to her to be blogging at all.
My favorite piece is a regular of hers,
called “Hot on the titties”.
She usually lets rip,
and on occasions,
such is the heat from those titties,
that there is the smell of smoke,
emanating from my laptop!
Her blog is titled “I have an opinion I’d like to share”.

I am “Freshly Impressed” by…

Hot on the titties.
I bet you think you know what I’m going to write about today don’t you? Since the restaurant in Washington has banned children under 9 in the evening, you figure I’m all hot on the tits about this again. But I think I’ve exhausted my opinion on it.

NO, bitches, today I want to talk about something else that irritates me.

I. Fucking. Hate. The Word. Playdate.
Read here

My last recommendation is for a poem.
It was posted on the site of a blogger,
who if I could, would be my “phone a friend”,
on the quiz show “Who wants to be a millionaire”.
His blog is so different,
and there is huge variety in his posts.
His blog is titled “Deo Optimo Maximo”.

I am “Freshly Impressed” by…

Warrior Woman. By TL Cooper.

I stand short but tall
Shoulders narrow but squared
Armor at the ready
Weapons stowed within reach
Trained for the moment
When you breach
… My defenses

Read more

I do hope you get a chance to check these posts out and enjoy them as I did.

Finally I would like to thank my good pal Duncan,
who shares a blog called Madhatters.
He created my “freshly impressed” logo,
which is a true masterpiece,
perfectly capturing the serious nature of this award,
and the prestige which must be felt,
by anyone who “Freshly Impressed”.

5 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #2

  1. Thanks a mil, tric, for your very encouraging words – as always, and most importantly, for selecting the post “Warrior Woman” for “freshly impressed”. I shall be more than happy to be the “phone a friend” any time, because you are one of the most wonderful bloggers I have come across. It’s a great pleasure. Best Regards.


  2. Howdy. Thank you so much for this post. I found through fat bottom girl and then went to check out IHAVEANOPINIONIDLIKETOSHARE. Good golly miss molly I laughed through the two posts I read. Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading more.

      1. Great to have you call by. You have been busy reading!!!! I am glad you enjoyed the posts. I will be over to see where you come from asap.

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