A life saver, one in a billion. Times person of the year award.

Daily Prompt.
You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

If only this award were real.
If only it were truly possible to nominate this person.times award
We could look you in the eye,
and say “Thank You”.

The person I am nominating is American, young and female.
That is all I know.

This person has offered to donate their bone marrow,
in a few weeks time.
The following day it will be flown to Ireland,
and hopefully will bring an end to a families nightmare.
A nightmare which began at Christmas.

He was not just tired?
Or playing too much sport?

The tests were completed quickly.
The results were in.
Within weeks his family knew,
there was but one choice for this thirteen year old boy,
He needed a bone marrow transplant.

The family rallied round,
siblings were tested.
No match.
Ireland is a small country,
there had to be a great chance of a match.
No match.

It is at this point our nominee comes into the story.
The miracle of modern science tells us,
that this stranger and my friends son,
are perfectly matched.
Imagine a stranger being a closer match than family!

As I think about it though I am not surprised.
This young boy is an exceptional character.
He had shown this before he got sick,
and he has proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt since.
This young female is also exceptional,
an extraordinary individual, doing something amazing.
They are indeed well matched.
In fact tests have shown her to be a 10/10 match.
As good as it gets.

Having a young daughter myself in her twenties,
I cannot help but wonder,
“Why did this young girl decide to be a donor?”.
It is not something you would expect of one so young.bone marrow donor match
Why do more of us not consider it?

Luckily for us, whatever her reasons,
this remarkable girl did just that.
She will get the chance,
to save a life.
And for that she will receive nothing.
Not even a thank you!

So that is why I would like to nominate her,
for Times person of the year.
She is an exceptional person.
Quite literally one in a billion.
Surely a worthy winner of this award.

photo credit: east_lothian_museums via photopin cc
photo credit: nfarmer via photopin cc

40 thoughts on “A life saver, one in a billion. Times person of the year award.

  1. So important! And so easy to get on the registry! It’s just a swab of the inside of your cheek. No needles or anything, unless you are a match.

    Good on you for spreading the word.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for clarifying how easy it is to become a donor. When we got the diagnosis we would all have become a donor for him if necessary but this person did it voluntarily without even knowing him. Some people are truly amazing.

  2. I went for the swab test too and trust me, it took me a long time to muster up the courage. But I thought of how it would save someone’s life and give someone renewed hope and decided that it’s going to be worth the while. I know someone personally who also found a matched bone marrow and is on her way to recovery. But you’re right , it’s amazing how a stranger can be a life-saver isn’t it. I hope your friend’s son’s transplant will be a success.

    1. Oh wow. So you could technically be this amazing person some day. Words really cannot express what I feel and I am not even his mum. You did a fantastic thing even if you are never called.

    1. Thanks. I am just blown away by how someone can take the time to do something so out of the ordinary. Hopefully all will go well.

  3. I read this straight after learning from a friend that she is dying from the cancer that has been destroying her life for the last 13 years. It gave me faith that we can beat these illnesses more and more often. I hope the transplant goes well!

    1. Oh I am so sorry about your friend. How very sad. Yes more and more are surviving. My sister, and three first cousins are alive and kicking after breast cancer and my brother had a rare cancer in his early twenties and is hale and hearty today twenty years later. Sometimes though we get consumed with the negative side of cancer, when you get news like you did. So sorry again.

  4. A well-deserved nomination, tric

    P.S., given the number of folk from Ireland that moved (voluntarily or not) to the States over the years, what are the chances this girl and the young lad have a common ancestor or two ? Could be family after all 😆

    1. It could well be! This family and the extended family are closer than any family I know yet it is a stranger who has the closest connection. As you say it must be “old family”. Still it is mind boggling, and amazing.

    1. Thanks Mocha. Hopefully we will all be on top of the world come Christmas. It has been and continues to be so very hard for them and for us to watch. However they are an amazing family.

  5. This truly inspires me to want to donate something that will save someone’s life. I am an organ donor, but except for maybe a kidney, there’s nothing else I can do right now until after I’m gone. I wonder if I could actually become a bone marrow donor.

    1. Yes but I do understand it is not for everyone. I just hope that by reading this people can understand what a difference it can make and how easy it is. Many of my friends thought you had to be dead to donate bone marrow!

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