I have the perfect face for blogging!

DJs have the perfect face for radio!
Isn’t it the truth,
that when you see a DJ you have listened to for years,small__5522932902
in real life, for the first time,
they are a major disappointment!
Nothing at all like you imagined.

Without realizing it, maybe over years,
you have built up a complete picture of them.
When you hear their voice,
you can see them clearly.
Their height, weight, physique, hair color and smile.

Well fellow bloggers I have to confess,
I have the perfect face for blogging!

This was brought to mind today,
by those who are supposed to love me unconditionally.
My children.

For in Ireland today the weather was glorious.
Great you say,
the sun shining showing up the magnificent country we live in.
Yes that is true.
But the said same sun has managed to reek havoc on my hair.

I did mention once before that I dye my hair.
I am a slightly alternative type,
so it has a hint of purple in it.
Well sunshine is not a friend to my hair dye.
Just as blue and red make purple,,
sunshine and purple hair dye make orange!small__2829618160
Today I am not a pretty sight,
as my children have cruelly pointed out.

This morning I was supposed to go as an emergency,
and have it looked after by professionals.
However the sun shone,
and as my mother would say,
“it would have been a sin to stay inside”.

So today as you read my words,
I take solace,
that the orange haired reality I see,
is hopefully nothing like the vision you picture of me.
The vision, I have created with words,
inside your mind,
since beginning this blog.
The vision that hopefully bears no resemblance at all,
to the real Tric.

photo credit: krystian_o via photopin cc
photo credit: wiseleo via photopin cc

27 thoughts on “I have the perfect face for blogging!

    1. Yikes you are better than google. Ah well I’ll blame my useless kids. Now they tell me its purple!! I will remedy it!
      A grainy gravatar is the closest you will get to seeing me!

    1. Ha ha ha! Wow curves in all the right places!.Yes that’s pretty much me alright,although how you got that from my posts leaves me wondering!. 🙂

  1. it would be wonderful fun if we could embrace each other however we show up .. like how my daughter and her friends in the neighborhood are..anything goes 🙂

  2. Love it! I bleached my hair once and it turned out a beautiful pumpkin orange. I was a Jr. in high school at the time, and that was definitely not cool. A couple of weeks later, I dyed it brown again. {sighs} It turned a lovely forest green. I’m going gray today, and going to do it gracefully! When it’s all gray, I may dye it a charming lavender! 🙂


    1. I began to go gray at 25, ( I blame the stress of rearing my first for it) so I have been most colors since then except gray! Lavender would be an interesting choice. I am a deep purple once again, and love it! Nice to see you again. Thanks a million for stopping by. I do read your posts now and again, Jesus will be happy with you!

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