A parents wish.

Today I did not know what I would be posting.
I tried funny… it wasn’t,
I tried serious… boring.
I thought informative… yawn.
Then I read a comment on facebook.
It was from my brother.
And then I knew what I wanted to say.

Last year my brother sent me a CD.
He had compiled it himself,
and it contained songs he loved,
or he believed would mean something to me.
One of these songs was called “love and happiness”.
I had never heard it before,
he knew me well,
I loved it.

Fast forward one year.
My daughter leaves home, and I miss her sorely.small_3239709360
I decide to do a post especially for her.
In it I posted the same song my brother had sent me.
The words so perfectly described what I wanted to say.
Everything a parent would wish for their child.

Then I thought of my own brothers and sisters.
I began to wonder,
What were the hopes and dreams my parents had for us?

I know we were often a disappointment to them,
and definitely a challenge.
All of us at some stage created havoc.
Yet now we are older,
I see the fruits of their parenting.
For whatever we were like in the past,
Today we are very much there for each other.
We have lost our dad,
but he lives on in all of us in spirit.
My mum the glue who holds us together.
The gang of us are still brothers and sisters,
often no more grown up than when we all lived together.
Still very much a family.

I look at my own four children.
I can see a lot of my past in them.
The bitching and fighting, rivalry and fun.
As I do I look forward.
For my own children I can wish for nothing more,
than the hope that in twenty years time,
they too will still be very much a family.
Standing together to support and look after each other as necessary.
If that is the case I will smile to myself and say,
“Job well done”.

photo credit: Chung Ho Leung via photopin cc
photo credit: smohundro via photopin cc

19 thoughts on “A parents wish.

  1. As always, I love your post ♥ 🙂 I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, you have a great blog, so inspiring, I love reading everytime, you deserve it. God bless ♥

    1. Thanks a million. I really appreciate it. I have quite a few awards I need to acknowledge, forgive me if I am a bit slow. You are very kind to give me the mention.

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