I miss my secret blog.

For most of my life,
I have had a blog.
Long before wordpress,
and even prior to the internet.
A hidden blog,
Somedays stored in my head,
somedays in my heart.

This blog was on private,small_3807579919
with a dream theme.
It had no fancy widgets,
but was awash with all kinds of images.
All copyrighted to me.

I posted on my blog,
with great frequency.
Sometimes it was just a photo,
capturing my family,
in a moment I never wished to forget.
Other times a longer post,
recalling an event or story.

No one ever commented on my blog,
it was for me alone.
I was able to be totally honest,
with everything I uploaded,
no need for an edit button.

Every day I visited my blog,
often to relive past posts.
Some I liked to revisit often,
as they were humorous, or heartwarming.
Others I rarely ever opened,
as they brought back such pain and sadness.
I was Β proud of my blog.
A treasure chest,
containing the life I had lived.

On occasions I did publicize a post,
usually on a night out,
in the company of friends and alcohol.
It gave me great pleasure,
to hear others laugh and appreciate my efforts.
These nights were the only comments I received.

However my old blog is out of favor now.
It is no longer used to store my posts.
Since the end of January,
it has been revamped.
Out with the old and in with the new.

My blog has been replaced by wordpress.
My posts now written on a laptop,
displayed publicly for all to see.
Alcohol is no longer the spark to share,
although it still has some input into posts!

This new blog is a more demanding beast,small__2351656805
no longer happy to just be.
It requires processed thought and editing,
and is open to comment, good or bad,
others judging me.

My old blog had no name,
to me it was just “my thoughts”.
My new blog has a title,
“my thoughts on a page”.
Not a very different name,
but a very different blog.

There was a freedom then,
That I don’t feel now.
And some days I miss “my thoughts”,
and question have I made the right decision?

Sometimes I look around and wonder,
how many others,
have not moved with the times?
And I imagine them,
enjoying posting daily,
on the blog inside their minds.

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

photo credit: KatieKrueger via photopin cc

15 thoughts on “I miss my secret blog.

  1. Love the photo of the crazy fingers. It didn’t take long to discover that blogging is a lot of work – and we volunteer to do this…are we nuts??? 😎
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful! love this πŸ™‚ everyone of us l may call it ,unexpressed thoughts, or hidden blogs inside our minds , we may put it on written but still it’s not the same or as detailed as what we have inside our thoughts ,blessed day to you! πŸ™‚

  3. Looooool. loved your post.
    You could still manage both blogs. Some thoughts must just be left on your ‘my Thoughts’.

    1. Thank you. I do try to maintain both blogs, but I find I commit less to “my thoughts” as I post so often. I enjoyed writing about it though.

    1. Yes some do, but not as often. I really enjoyed storing my posts in my head, noticing different things about characters, and locking away stories for another day. I sometimes think I should post less often on my new blog and store more, but then I can’t resist writing!

  4. Perfectly said. I fight with myself about which blog to post on… It’s tough putting those thoughts on a page! Glad to you do it.

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