Writing update and more news

You know the way sometimes life is so mundane at times… well mine is anything but at the moment. Not only am I beavering away writing my memoir, due to be published next year, but I do have other significant news. Last year I was asked if I would take part in a podcast series … More Writing update and more news

What a day!

Today was a great day. One of those when I feel lucky to live the life I do. I didn’t win the lotto, or achieve anything spectacular. What I did do was spend the day at a swimming pool in the company of forty young swimmers. They were aged seven to eleven and the vast … More What a day!

The Extra Man.

It’s close to four years since Daniel last played football, a game he loved dearly, and almost three years since he passed away. In our memories he will forever be thirteen, but as we look at those who were his good friends we can imagine the boy he might be and what he would be … More The Extra Man.

What a day.

I live in a relatively small village in Ireland. A far cry from busy Dublin, where I was born. We have countryside aplenty, and the sea on our doorstep. It’s a place I’ve lost my heart to, a community I’ve become a real part of.  Often it is only in hard times we see community … More What a day.