Writing update and more news

You know the way sometimes life is so mundane at times… well mine is anything but at the moment. Not only am I beavering away writing my memoir, due to be published next year, but I do have other significant news.

Last year I was asked if I would take part in a podcast series commissioned by BBC Sounds, about George Gibney, my swim coach and abuser. The story of our search for justice is convoluted and too long for this short post, but the upshot is he was not convicted and ran off to the United States. Subsequently, it was deemed that our testimonies were truthful, but he has never returned to face the music.

It was an incredibly difficult time in my teenage and young adult life. Unsure if I wanted to have anything to do with the podcast, I met with Mark Horgan from the Second Captains media company, who’s enthusiasm for his project as well as compassion for myself and the other victims won me over.

On three occasions we met last year and recorded my thoughts and accounts of that time and the after shocks it created.  Some of what we spoke about during those many hours will feature in the series, as will the stories and voices of others involved. Last Tuesday BBC  Sounds officially announced details of the series, which will begin in May, so there is no going back now.

Sometimes I cringe when I think about it going live, or kick myself for getting involved, but after almost three decades of the media and others talking and writing about it I think it is time I told my own story.

So, watch out for it. It will be called Where is George Gibney? Here is the link to the BBC blurb on it.

In other news, yesterday I finally signed my contract with my publishers Hachette books. My deadline is mid-May and as I said it is due to be published very early next year. How crazy is that? There is a lot of writing to be done between now and then, but one word at a time I’ll get there.

So, as I said there is lots happening. I’ll do my best to keep you posted and will remind you of the podcast nearer the time… unless I chicken out.


16 thoughts on “Writing update and more news

  1. I don’t think, that you will chicken out, Tric.
    It might be good to get those bad experiences out of your body and to feel more free after this.
    It is never the kids, as are the wrong, kids only follow the adults, either because they are the teacher or another kind of roll model, as they think, they need to follow and listen to. Abusers act bad and kids need to get this to know.
    All good luck with your book.

  2. I am so very proud of you! Victory is yours! Now I can’t wait to both read your book and watch the BBC show. You are one of the strong ones that provide inspiration to those that have muted their voices through fear or shame. Thank you for stepping out and taking your life back in such a brilliant and encouraging way.

    1. Thanks Charlene. It’ll be a radio podcast over a few weeks but I’ll let you know nearer the time.
      Recovery as you well know takes time but it’s good to be able to talk about it and say to others “yes you can.”

  3. I am happy for you on all fronts. both projects are huge endeavors in more ways than one, and had to have brought out many feelings and memories that were not always good ones. I really feel with both, it will help to bring on some sense of healing and help others at the same time. you are brave, and you are strong, Tric.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear of the cruel life that George Gibney subjected you to. As a fellow Trojan (gymnast) we were aware of George being the predator always waiting in the background to pounce. We fortunately had our gym coach to protect us but beyond the gym George took advantage of us girls by loitering around waiting to give us lifts in his car or groping or kissing us when he could. When our gym coach wasn’t around George coached us but the difference is he ‘felt’ us in the manoeuvres rather than support us. Us girls knew the difference. Probably what confused us children was seeing his wife & children around so nothing made sense.

    You are so brave & strong & again I am so sorry you were subjected to such cruelty.

    As I said to my old Trojan friends ‘ speak now or hold your peace forever’ & well done you for fighting such adversity. X

    1. Thank you so much. It was a difficult time and I know there are many with stories to tell, but I know it is not something everyone is comfortable telling. I get that and all that really matters is that people do what they have to to stay well. Thanks for making contact and adding your support.

      1. Hi Tric, I remember you now!!!! I am so sorry! You were great fun & I am shattered that you had to go through all that you have. Clearly you have risen above it & are making tracks to change the ways & the levels of acceptance of what is totally unacceptable. X

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