The calm before the storm

Today if you were to see me, sprawled on the couch, feet up, laptop where it was built to be… on my lap, you might be tempted to think, ‘lazy cow’. However I assure you I am in fact in training. As I sit here in glorious silence I am mentally preparing for the madness and mayhem coming my way tomorrow.

Tomorrow I and my fellow coaches are taking fifty young swimmers to a novice gala. The key word in that last sentence is not ‘fifty’ or ‘young’, which would be a tad stressing in themselves, no the key word is, ‘novice’. Fifty young swimmers who have little or no swimming competition experience at all.

As I sit here I am imagining how I will react to being asked the same questions hundreds of times, by many different swimmers, for hours…

‘When will I be swimming?’.

‘What is backstroke?’

‘When will I be swimming?’

‘Is it time for lunch yet?’

‘When will I be swimming?’photo credit: C-Serpents via photopin cc

‘What time is the gala over?’

‘When will I be swimming?’

‘Where do I go to line up?’

‘When will I be swimming?’

‘What is a relay?’

‘When will I be swimming?’

‘Do we have to tumble?’

‘When will I be swimming?’

‘What is breastroke?’

This is just a small selection of the questions, often asked by more than one young swimmer at the same time. Most of these swimmers will be standing at the ready, goggles on, even though they may be over an hour away from competing.

There will be nerves, upset tummies, tears, smiles, high fives and chaos and that’s only the parents.

Bring it on…

Oh dear after imagining that madness I need to lie down again!

photo credit: C-Serpents via photopin cc
photo credit: december storm… via photopin (license)

21 thoughts on “The calm before the storm

  1. I love that you do this! My 14 year old niece has been in swim competitions for several years now and it has been SO wonderful for her development in so many ways and has helped build her confidence. What a great thing you do!

  2. I think all those questions would cause me to need to lie down. I too, sit here with my laptop sitting right where it was meant to be. The only problem with that is it seems to sit there for the majority of the day, and I don’t get up and do anything else…

  3. Perhaps you could use your laptop to make little signal signs – double sided ones for most frequently asked questions – “when will I be swimming?” etc. – then you can just raise the sign – – 🙂 LOL I laughed while reading this, but really chuckled when I pictured a swim coach, at pools edge (granted, I know nadda about such events), whistle in mouth, looking over the water, while off to the side, the kiddos on the bench shout out the question and without even turning away, he/she hears, “When will I be swimming?” and without turning around, raises the signal sign reads, “When I tell raise a green colored sign that says, “Your Turn! Get in the Water – Now!” 🙂

    Rest well and gird your loins and best wishes to you and your team of novice swimmers tomorrow! 🙂

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