The Extra Man.

It’s close to four years since Daniel last played football, a game he loved dearly, and almost three years since he passed away. In our dannymemories he will forever be thirteen, but as we look at those who were his good friends we can imagine the boy he might be and what he would be doing.

Tonight, in less than half an hours time, those friends and his team will be running out for a county final. They’ll be watched by their many supporters and by Daniel’s mum and dad. These boys have never forgotten Daniel and tonight I’ve little doubt as they run out onto the field an extra man will be among them. Perhaps no one will see him, but that time the opposition lose the ball unexpectedly, or trip, or kick a wide I’m sure Dan’s mum and dad will smile and think, ‘That’s my boy.’

Best of luck lads. And Daniel behave, and enjoy a special night with your team.

Photo credit Howard Crowdy.

17 thoughts on “The Extra Man.

  1. awesome story Tric and I’m sure you’re right about the extra man being on the field tonight playing to help his team win the game. It is always so sad to lose a child to an illness but the memories keep us strong and going until we see them again. ❤ Kat

  2. That’s lovely Tric, I hope Daniel’s parents and siblings are keeping well, I’m sure they have many moments when they can’t believe he’s not going to stroll in that door.

  3. Thanjs Thanks for sharing your heartfelt words x it is hard to watch their friends get on with their lives and future while our child’s lives were cut short. Coming up to my 20year old son Jacob’s first angelversary on Oct 7th.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I see he was called Jacob. A very handsome young man. What a huge loss. My sympathies to you and all your family and his friends.

  4. Dan didn’t live a long life, but those who did know him would find it very hard to forget him. He really was larger than life so it’s nice to be able to remember him here.

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