What a day!

Today was a great day. One of those when I feel lucky to live the life I do. I didn’t win the lotto, or achieve anything spectacular. What I did do was spend the day at a swimming pool in the company of forty young swimmers. They were aged seven to eleven and the vast majority had almost no competition experience.

So I put together a few numbers earlier to sum up the day.img_3177

Swimming pool…1.
Experienced swimmers…0
Ages 7 to 11.
Team managers…3.
Goggle fixer, liner up, reminder person for them to take off their shoes and t-shirts before diving in, entertainer in call room…1

A handful of tears…
A million smiles…
A lifetime of memories…
A wonderful day.

Tonight as I sit down to enjoy a glass of wine I will have a secret toast to each and every young swimmer who swam their heart out today and another toast to all who helped make it the fantastic day it turned out to be.

If I am lucky enough to live a long life, I hope, wherever I am, I can open memories door and relive days like today all over again.

12 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Ah what a lovely post! Visiting my grandgirls in Australia at the moment and as they are in summer holidays here, they have VACSWIM! Daily lessons over two weeks. What a joyful experience it has been seeing hundreds of children so confident in the water, having fun, laughing, squealing with delight. Some tears too but mostly extraordinary memory making fun for kiddies, parents, grandparents and carers!

    1. Oh enjoy Oz and your family. Great time of year to visit.
      There is something magical about seeing young children enjoying themselves and hearing them laugh.

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