A single white feather…

It’s the Summer, the weather has been reasonable and the days continue to drift by. It’s probably been the best Summer I’ve ever enjoyed as my gang are all independent, we’ve had days out, enjoyed holidays and when we are at home together life is easy. Yes all is good. However, there are moments when … More A single white feather…

They say nothing lasts forever… Grief does.

Sometimes for no apparent reason a memory comes roaring back, interrupting thoughts and breaking your heart all over again. Today, while making dinner, grief came calling just as it did a few years ago when I first wrote this. Grief is a lifetime of pain, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden but always there. Tonight the families … More They say nothing lasts forever… Grief does.

Believe it or not?

Do you believe in miracles? Neither did I but then one Christmas two years ago this happened. It was the first Christmas after my friends young boy lost his fight against leukemia. I can tell you, that unlike some of the slightly exaggerated tales I tell here of my everyday life, this is a true story, … More Believe it or not?

Giving thanks

As it’s Thanksgiving for many of you I of course got thinking and began to wonder at the many different ways we can feel thankful. This day two years ago a very sick Daniel came home.  We busied ourselves readying a bed and room for him, filled with mixed emotions. Knowing his greatest wish, to … More Giving thanks

Take a moment…

We hear of the attacks in Paris and we worry, yet the reality in all our lives is that when tragedy strikes our family our circle shrinks. We care not one bit for what is happening in the world around us. The day we hear a family members life is at risk, we close rank … More Take a moment…

What a day.

I live in a relatively small village in Ireland. A far cry from busy Dublin, where I was born. We have countryside aplenty, and the sea on our doorstep. It’s a place I’ve lost my heart to, a community I’ve become a real part of.  Often it is only in hard times we see community … More What a day.

Remembering Ben.

This day two years ago a family said goodbye to a beautiful six year old boy and bravely agreed to donate his organs. Today I would like to remember small Ben here on my blog and let his family know they are very much in our thoughts. I wrote this post last year and to … More Remembering Ben.