The world keeps turning.

Can you believe it’s April already? Even my youngest commented this evening ‘This is the fastest year ever.’ Yet as I spent time with Daniels mum today it struck me how raw her grief remains.

While most will look back and think November 2013 was almost four years ago, for a mother and father who lost a young boy, for siblings still trying to come to terms with the hole in the family between sibling number two and four, four years is but a moment.

Tomorrow Daniel’s parents and a few friends will be attending a lunch for a special cause, an organisation called Anam Cara, translated from Irish, ‘Soul’s friend’ or ‘soulmate’.

I’ve written about this amazing organisation before. They are a group based in Ireland for parents who have lost a child, regardless of the age or circumstance of the loss. At a time when those of us struggled to help our friends through grief, this group came to their aid. From the first day they were contacted they have helped like no one else could. They understood anam carathe pain, the hurt, the despair and gave the message that was so desperately needed…that there was hope. When life was so dark they turned on a tiny light which made the world of difference and continues to do so.

Tomorrow, as part of the fundraiser Daniel’s mum will be speaking. It will be very hard to sit there and listen to her story, a story we know all too well. It will also be hard not to cry. Don’t get me wrong I know there is nothing wrong with crying, but the problem is I am a howler! I cry easily at sad stories and this is the saddest I know. However, my friend needs us to be strong. She needs to be able to search us out and see us there egging her on, telling her we know she can do this.

So fingers crossed we pull off a masterclass in acting tomorrow and give my friend all the support she needs and deserves. She is an inspiration to me every day and here’s hoping the lunch is a tremendous success for a wonderful organisation.

And once the speech is over and we clap, probably a little too loudly, I suspect we may all share a drink or two, toast young Daniel and enjoy an afternoon in great company.

For details on Anam Cara click here. If you know anyone who might need them please get in touch.

photo credit: He Loves Me via photopin (license)

10 thoughts on “The world keeps turning.

    1. We did lunch in style Colleen. All eight hours of it! Daniels mum was amazing and her speech was inspiring and uplifting.
      My claim to fame was I never shed a tear! We had to stay on to celebrate how well it all went.

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