A one off. A photo of my youngest and I.

Do you post pictures of your family online?
Do you name your family members,
or refer to them with code names?

I follow quite a number of blogs,
and I enjoy seeing what the writers look like.
I am amazed at how relaxed they are,
about appearing online in person.
Maybe it is an Irish thing?
Are we perhaps a bit more reserved,
or less proud of ourselves than other nationalities.

I have never posted a picture of myself,
unless you count that awful gravatar I have,
which I downloaded before I realized,
exactly what wordpress had in mind for it.
None of my older children would ever agree,
to appearing on my blog in person.
They are cross enough if I write about them.
The same is true for my husband,
although he is very good about my writing about him.

However never say never.
So just for once,
I will in fact post one picture of myself,
with the youngest member of my family.
She is a real poser,
and was most excited when she was told,
that despite her young years,
she can just for one day appear online.

So get ready here we are.

I would like to introduce you all to myself and Cici.


After a long battle,
waged between my husband and youngest daughter,
he eventually surrendered to buying a dog.
Last Friday we took possession,
of this little beauty.
Not exactly a mans dog!

My youngest daughter, aged 11,
had just two criteria,
1. It had to be a puppy.
2. She had to be able to carry it!
As you can see both criteria were met.

So far she is a bundle of joy.
My husband who struggles in the “love dogs” department,
is even beginning to melt.
This is helped in no short measure,
by the fact the pup thinks he is Gods gift to the world.
She proved this yesterday,
by being so happy to welcome him home,
she peed on his shoes as he petted her.
No one else has ever got such treatment!

It took a few days to name her,
but after calling her scamp,
we all decided we didn’t think she was one.
We had to have a rethink.
My brother, the helpful vet, thought,
“Pissy Missy” would be ideal.
I personally was going for
“That Poxy Pup” as she legged it with my sock again,
but in the end they settled for CiCi.

Since she arrived,
my youngest is up at the dawn.
I sometimes need to check,
if in fact the dog can walk,
as she is usually in someones arms.
I feel like one of those mothers,
who thinks their baby is exceptional.
But then again I know she is.

My eldest is yet to return from the United States,
and is expecting a more wholesome animal,
approximately 100 times larger than this one,
and preferably called Milo.
What a surprise she will get!
However just like my husband,
I am sure we can win her over.
Who wouldn’t adore her?


27 thoughts on “A one off. A photo of my youngest and I.

    1. Thanks Don. She may be small but she has had a huge effect on the house. When you are used to a dog it is very lonely without one.
      I hope you are reading this between runs!

      1. I ran at 5am this morning, if you can believe that! lol. Yeah, we got our pup with the notion that our 12 year old isn’t long for this world and we don’t think we’re whole without a dog. So far, 12 has renewed spirit and may live to be 30 by all accounts.

        1. Ha ha. Typical. I am more than impressed that you ran at 5am if in fact this is the truth. I can somehow imagine you sitting there with a beer and some crazy high calorie grub and grinning to yourself thinking, “Ye you eejit, I was running in my dreams!”.

  1. she’s gorgeous !

    and there’s nothing wrong with little dogs, other than they bark a lot and have a tendency to get underfoot and trip one up 😆

    1. We are mad about her. So far she is quiet but an expert at tripping us up especially my husband! It is a delight to have a dog back in the house.

    1. Ha ha. I know exactly what you mean. And your kneecaps would be the least of your worries if I was married to you and I appeared online!
      I did a post once “I have the perfect face for blogging, which says it all.

  2. so glad you’re sharing some family photos!! what an incredibly cute new member – we have a shih tzu, 12 years old now, and the best dog i’ve ever known. SO sweet… enjoy your new puppy!

    1. Thank you, although today she has decided not to be fully trained as the grass is wet outside and this obviously does not agree with her!

    1. Thank you, I think they are among my best feature! My little lady is a beauty and we are all in love with her. It is great to have a dog back in the house.

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