Remembering Ben.

This day two years ago a family said goodbye to a beautiful six year old boy and bravely agreed to donate his organs. Today I would like to remember small Ben here on my blog and let his family know they are very much in our thoughts.
I wrote this post last year and to be honest I don’t think I could say any better one year on.
Ben we salute you. To your Mum, Dad, Sisters,family and friends you are in our thoughts. xxx

Young Ben we salute you.

A year ago today a heartbroken mother and father kissed their small boy goodbye forever. He was six years old. A year ago today other mothers and fathers kissed their sick children goodbye. Hours later these children returned to their parents, having received young Bens organs.  No longer sick. With ben on holsthe potential of a long and healthy life ahead of them. All because of a small boy aged six.

No doubt it has been a very hard year for Ben’s family, and friends. The beginning of a life sentence. However, today I would like to raise a cheer for young Ben. His life mattered hugely to his mom and dad, sister, friends and family. It may have been short but it was filled with fun. He was a much loved young boy, and will be forever in his families life, even in absence.

Today, as his family grieve and remember, there are others who are dearly loved, running about, laughing, and living. Within them a part of Ben lives on.  I hope whoever they are and where ever they are, that today they have a really good day. I hope their family and friends take some time out today, to pause and remember, a small boy aged six, who changed their lives forever.

In honour of young Ben, and to celebrate his life, I would like to once again share this video. As anyone who reads my blog will know it was made earlier this year and features the families who bravely gave life to others, as they hold photos of their loved one who is gone. I think it is one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever watched, even if it didn’t feature young Ben.

So today let us all raise our glasses and celebrate young Ben, the hero. I also hope that my positive thoughts, and the thoughts of all those who read this, will in some way give his family strength, today and in the future.

Codladh Sámh Ben.
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20 thoughts on “Remembering Ben.

  1. Very hard to find any kind of words after reading your post. I’ve known people who have lost children and that is a grief which knows no end but to know that grief, I guess may also create an urge to stop others from going there too when an organ donation can save a life. Thank you for sharing this story because the more people who read stories like this, the more comfortable they’ll feel about organ donation if it happens in their family. LOve and blessings, Rowena

    1. Hi. It’s not something anyone wants to imagine or think about but it’s an amazing gift to give anyone. Bens parents were so incredibly brave and generous to think of others at the worst time in their lives.

  2. This is by far one of the most touching videos I have ever seen. Because of it, I took a look at my driver’s license to make sure that I was in fact a donor and was going to correct it asap if not. I am. And I hope that because of Ben and the many others on this video, that others who see this will decide to be donors as well. Ben has blessed the lives of many. Thank you for sharing his story with us and I send my condolences to you and his family.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it. The writer lost his best friend. The words for this song came to him as he sat in the hospital mourning his friend when he heard a helicopter flying over head, taking his friends heart away to someone who needed it. What an image.
      So many brave families, I just love the song and the video.

      1. Wow….what a moment that must have been. Reading that gave me chills. How special it is to know that as a result of something so tragic, someone else will be given the gift of life.

  3. Thank you for posting this again. It’s one of those that, sad as it may be, we can’t watch it enough. I hope the video continues to inspire others to become organ donors and to honor those that have become unintentional heroes.

    1. Corina I hope so too. We can get so blase as we see so much on social media, but this is real life. Real families and photos of those who have donated. It’s very powerful.
      Today as Ben was mourned so deeply, somewhere there are children living happy, normal lives.

  4. I raise my eyes to the heavens to salute you Ben. And give a moment’s thought and reflection on all of the little ones running around today celebrating the anniversary of receiving you into their lives.

    1. Thanks Colleen. It’s hard to look at the photos of such a lovely small boy however I do think we need to salute him and his family for what he/they have done. Sad day for them.

  5. A lovely, yet difficult, way to remember such a special boy. Lovely words. I can’t watch the video where I am right now but it sounds very thought provoking and I do hope it encourages more people to make such brave decisions xx

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