One more sleep.

It is hard to write anything tonight as my stomach is in knots. Tomorrow is voting day. The simple question ‘Should we extend marriage rights to gay couples?’ has become complicated. Only a few months ago there was a large Yes majority, which has been greatly reduced since the mischievious addition of the welfare of children to the debate. The poster ‘Every child deserves a mother and a father’ certainly got to many.

The funny thing is no one is speaking of the families who will gain two mothers!

My thoughts are with my brother and his partner tonight, and all those who wait for tomorrows results. As I think of it I am so angry, that it has come to this. How ridiculous that we can discriminate against love in this way; that my brother, who shared a life with me, needs to ask his fellow countrymen, his hetrosexual countrymen, for permission to marry.

For those of you not living here, I apologise for another post on this topic, but the island of Ireland is totally gripped by this referendum. Families have been divided and friendships lost and others tested. Large numbers of new voters, just eighteen years old, have registered for the first time. Large numbers are returning from abroad to vote and others have cancelled travel plans. Many believe it is a young versus old vote. I wish it were that simple. I think the truth is that this question is asking more than if you agree with same sex marriage, this question is asking do you accept homosexuality.

Tomorrow we will discover, if this country I love is a place to be proud of, if it’s people, my people accept homosexuality and believe in equality.

No wonder I feel sick.

27 thoughts on “One more sleep.

  1. I hear you. I keep welling up when I imagine the hurt and pain it will cause if it doesn’t go through.
    But I’m hopeful, very hopeful.

      1. The fear made me eat half a large bag of large buttons. It then forced me to have a beer. My belly is glad this is all over in 36 hours.

        1. Haha. I’m watching the utube link put in one of the comments, it’s very good, most entertaining. It features a NZ politicians speech before they passed the bill. Well worth a look, and I’d love if one of our politicians could come up with the same.

        2. I saw it a while back. It rocks.
          When you’re done Google ‘hails Irish taxi driver heterophobic’. Classic

  2. In New Zealand we had the same debate a short time ago. Thankfully our parliamentarians made the affirmative decision on our behalf; we did not have to endure the divisiveness referendums can create. Gay marriage means so little to so many, but means so much to so few. Most peoples lives will not change. Although unfortunately there will always be bigots.

    If anyone is interested check out the following links about the passing of the Marriage Equality Bill in NZ. Some very special moments captured here. 4 MINS 4 MINS

    Good luck Ireland – Kia Kaha

    Kia Ora – Roly

    1. Thanks so much for posting those two links. I loved them. You gave me hope, and tonight I dream we have such wonderful moments to look back on tomorrow. Congratulations NZ. We just might have to move there if this feckin country lets me down tomorrow.

  3. I’m sending much hope and positive energy your way. As a once mental-health counselor of children, I can say with assurance, that two loving parents are better than one, regardless of gender. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is what children need everywhere around the world.

    1. So many have tried to get that message across but I’m not sure. We don’t have long to wait. Hopefully we’ll be celebrating.

  4. I’ll be watching too. It’s a horrible shame that in a world so lacking love, we should not allow those who love each other to legitimize and protect their love. It still is not legal in all the states in the United States where it is left up to each state to decide.

  5. Children grow and thrive in a loving environment—-any kind of loving environment. This is a problem in the state I live in in the US. I hope Ireland votes FOR this measure.

  6. It’s so nerve wracking, I just hope my children are living in a country where the majority of people are loving and accepting. It will break my heart if it doesn’t pass.

  7. There is no need to apologize for sending out another post on an Irish vote. Here in the US, the vote is on the national news broadcasts. Hoping that the vote affirms marriage equality. We will be watching out for the results here in the States, as will those in other countries around the world.

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