How’s my writing? February.

Here is my latest update on my Work In Progress which I’ve written as part of ‘The Inspiration Diaries.’ I will post the full diary post later, where you can read how my fellow Inspiration Diaries contributors, Casey King and Clare Daly, are getting on in their quest to be published, but if you so wish you can read it here.

So, we’re into February and I’m sure you’re agog wondering how I’ve been getting on? Well, firstly let me remind you what I’m doing. I’ve ditched the story of fiction I was writing, to write the one I need to write; my own story.

But what exactly is my story and what parts of it should I write?

That’s taken me time to figure out and in truth I’m not completely there. If only I’d had an easy life with a measure of madness thrown in? Then I could write a hilarious memoir which people would lavish with praise, recounting the funniest stories to their friends and insisting it’s a book they must read.

Unfortunately, that was not my life. Mine is a story of abuse by my swimming coach, George Gibney, and the loss of my dad. Of injustice in the Irish courts and heartache. Not much to laugh at there! Yet, that’s not the full story. As a person, I laugh loudly more often than most and I’m living a happy ever after.

So, what has made me, me? Were the seeds of survival sown in my carefree childhood? What does the isolation of abuse feel like? How is it possible to laugh again after the monster that is Motor Neurone Disease robs you of your father? How do you cope when your abuser walks free? Is it possible to love and be loved after abuse? Can you ever trust anyone with your child?

Through a series of short stories, I hope to bring you into my world as I lived it, and in so doing answer these and other questions. Each story will tell its own tale and collectively they’ll tell my story.

For too long others have spoken on my behalf. Now, one word at a time I will be the one to tell my story.


15 thoughts on “How’s my writing? February.

    1. Thank you so much for that link. What an interesting read. I will return to it and other such pieces often when my courage fails. The two things that keeps me going at such times are, that I never have to publish it only write it and do I want to continue the silence of my childhood, or find my voice and speak up?
      Thank you again for taking the time to share that with me.

    1. Thank you Beth. I would like others to know there is hope. I’m very sure I am ready to write it, and most of the time I believe I’m ready to share it. 🙂

  1. I look forward to this read. As difficult as some of this is to write, I anticipate that some of it will be a reminder of how amazing you are, and that you are not and never have been what someone did to you.

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