My favourites #3 Silence is the greatest enabler of abuse.

So here we go with number three among the five favourite posts I’ve ever written. When you read it you will understand why I say this is not an actual favourite as it’s content was difficult to share, however it marked a new beginning for me. Prior to writing this I’d only ever told one … More My favourites #3 Silence is the greatest enabler of abuse.

Sharing is caring.

We bloggers share every time we write. We share our thoughts, advice and experiences. No matter what it is we write about, the moment we press ‘publish’ we agree to share. Why? Personally I share for various reasons. For a long time I wrote to offload. To make sense of life as it happened. During … More Sharing is caring.

This is my song

What song best says who you are? Not the song which you think others would associate with you, but the song which, to your mind, best describes you. The one you yourself most identify with. Yesterday I was flicking through facebook, and I came across a post asking this question. I have no idea where … More This is my song