Peeping through my fingers.

So my friends and greatest supporters, tomorrow is D Day and I’m sick. Not actually sick, but sick with nerves. As I told you before, (here) I’ve agreed to write a weekly column in the Feelgood supplement of The Irish Examiner, an Irish national newspaper and tomorrow the first one will be published.

I’ve only told a handful of people in my real world, and of course all of you online. Some of my friends are wondering why, when I postfeelgood-irish-examiner so regularly, and often painfully honestly, would I be so nervous and embarrassed about writing in a newspaper? I think it’s because, in my imagination, I like to believe everyone reading this blog is American. Of course I know you’re not, and forgive me if I’ve insulted some of you with my imaginings, but what I really mean, is that I like to think that all who read my ruminations live on another continent.

I’ve prepared myself for reading the article I’ve written and feeling the urge to change every word. Maybe the only way to deal with that will be to send in the articles and be done? But I’m pretty sure the urge to look will probably overwhelm me. Bad and all as it may be to read and wish to edit it, the thought of seeing my picture next to the column fills me with even greater dread. Those of you who ‘know’ me online will know I don’t do photographs, but that’s the way it’s done so no hiding.

I’ll put up a link as soon as I can, possibly on Saturday, so you can all smile and imagine my peeping at it through my fingers. Despite my feeling sick, a part of me is hoping that in time I grow in confidence, begin to really ‘own’ ‘my column’ and learn to love writing in it as much as I do here.Β Who would have thought when I published my first post here three years ago, that this would ever happen to me? Thanks to all of you who have read, commented and encouraged me along the way.

Now what time is it? How many more hours until tomorrow? There’s only one way through this…pass the wine.


44 thoughts on “Peeping through my fingers.

  1. Good woman yourself! You’ll be grand and I’m really looking forward to reading your articles.
    (I must admit to being like you wanting to assume that my readers are from far flung countries and continents, even the Moon!)

  2. Tric: You’re probably asleep by now. So, as the token American Who Reads Your Blog (AWRYB), I want to point out that you are international.

    Now, as for this comment: “I think it’s because, in my imagination, I like to believe everyone reading this blog is American. Of course I know you’re not,”

    Wait! I am. I’ll leave off the rest of the comment, because I’m not sure what you were implying about the Irish or the rest of us. I’m sure I misread it. πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on your newspaper gig!

      1. (mumbles) Actually I was just using the loo.

        I’ll, um, show myself out.

        Frankly, I strongly suspect a majority of my ancestors came from Ireland. The problem is, they came to North America via Canada (Winnipeg) around 1840 or so, and didn’t make the change to the US until 1901. I used to make disparaging remarks about Canada, but now, not only can I not say anything bad, but I have to be nice. Sad, ain’t it?

        PS: Still drinking? You don’t type like you’ve been drinking. Can you do a line of dashes without crashing into the lines above or below?

  3. Congratulations! and…IT is SCARY!

    Been there, done that, at least on the very itty-bitty local level – turned out okay – take a deep breath –

    Celebrate your publishing success via wine (cuz it helps with numbing the dread/what if? voice – LOL) and come here to remind yourself of those who read, and love your writings, when you are feeling scared – πŸ™‚

    Signed – The American who is busy fighting off-line dragons, has failed in her WP community duty for sometime, but still remembers you and your heart, fondly! πŸ™‚ *Clink* & Cheers! (yes, doing final deep research for upcoming election – it has driven me to drinking to bear the frustration of it all – I gratefully join you in wine-ville, thanks for the invite where I can also celebrate something! – πŸ™‚

    Signed – the American πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Ms America. I’ll join you in that wine anytime. It was lovely to see you commenting. It’s been a while. I hope all okay for you?

      1. Well, in uncouth, American vernacular, I’ve been busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kickin’ contest – or busier than a sissy trying to clear a field of wild mustard, bindweed and rattlesnakes – LOL – Heavy year – both in my external world and internal world – and find myself writing posts, only to save drafts…BUT, life, very slowly, getting rounded around – local physical, mental and spiritual infrastructure either updated or replaced to face the coming challenges – Great personal growth experienced during the storm of this past year, just not ready to comment upon it all, just yet…And, que sera, sera, I’m getting by, dropping balls, nailing some projects, discarding/refashioning others, watching loved ones settle into their new life, offering what transitional support I may, while trying out an across the board tough love motto and healing myself – Whew! Ya know? After replying, honestly, to your reply, NO WONDER I ain’t writing much – where would I have the time to edit and fix all my typos/unclear/misused dashes, ems, commas, I ask you?!? LOL – It was great to read of your publication and yes, you make your way to Colorado, USA, you know the wine glass and some kind of simple feast will be awaiting your arrival for celebration ! πŸ™‚

        1. Oh my goodness I need a lie down after that update.
          I really hope life settles a little for you soon. What a massive year it’s been for you and hopefully it’s set you up for an easier time in the not too distant future. A you say, no wonder you’ve had no time to blog.
          Anyway, lovely to see you here. Take care and thanks for taking the time amidst all your busyness to share in my moment!

  4. It’s very exciting, Tric! I understand the nerves, but I’m sure both the article and the accompanying photograph will be great. I look forward to following the link when you put it up. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh wow Tric that’s really fantastic! I’ve been up the walls for the last couple of months so I’ve missed a lot of my favourite blogs. Will have to read back to catch up on this but I’m looking forward to reading the Feelgood section later. Good on you!

  6. My dear friend Tric, first and foremost, most of my ancestors came from Ireland and some still live there. LOL Sometimes I wish I did too. Now on to the subject at hand you will be wonderful and you do deserve a column of your own with extra inches in there. Now me telling you not to worry won’t change anything so I will be telling you this YOU WILL BE AMAZING and the nerves just tell you that you’re human. So smile send me a link when you get going and have a wonderful October. ❀ ❀ Kat

    1. Thanks a mil. It’s good to find some Irish blood in you, we’re a well traveled people. I’ve just posted up a link to the piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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