Stand back, I’m coming out of the closet

Okay I know my title sounded very shouty, but now I’ve lured you in, I’m whispering and feeling a lot less brave. So I’ll spit it out. I’vephoto credit: <a href="">Get Me Out Here!</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a> been asked to contribute to the Feelgood magazine supplement of an Irish newspaper called ‘The Irish Examiner’ on a weekly basis.

Why am I not roaring it from the hill tops? Well there are none close by for starters, but aside from that I’m sick with nerves. This is a public newspaper…which people read…in large numbers…and it’s sold in Ireland.

I’ll let you digest that news for a moment before attempting to explain my reticence, in no particular order.

Reason 1.
I love writing in my blog but I usually fool myself into believing it is only a few readers living a million miles away, who pay any attention to it. The majority of people I meet in everyday life have no idea I write, here or anywhere for that matter. I’ve thrived in the belief, deluded or not, that I’m anonymous, or semi so. By accepting this offer my bubble is burst, and if I’m honest, I am not sure I’m able for that, or up to the job.

Reason 2.
I had to have my photograph taken! Yes my mug will appear next to my article. Anyone who regularly reads here will know what I think 24994339562_ba578e4b8f_n-1of having my photo taken, so to have a photographer come to my home was…lets just say difficult. My children were highly amused getting me to ‘practice’ my smile beforehand, only to remind me that when I do smile, I look like I’m having a stroke. They also suggested I put on make up. However moments later, before I’d even left the room in search of any makeup, they stared at my face, up close, told me my eyebrows were shocking and I’d no eyelashes so there was no point. Yes that made me feel really good about myself and not in the least self conscious. Not long after, the photographer arrived. He did his best but I’ve little doubt he has had a lot more willing models in his day.

Reason 3.
My column is to be written with humour. Yep I’ve to be funny. Now I must admit I do love to tell stories, and the more outrageous and ‘funny’ the better, but that’s usually on a night out, with a small glass of wine in hand, and a more than willing audience. It’s a different matter entirely, to sit down to a lap top and think… what funny thing will I write about today? Up to now, on occasions I’ve written the odd humourous piece here on my blog. I am easily amused, often laughing out loud as I write. Not anymore. Now as I write, I see a perfect picture of Johnny and Mary before me, reading Feelgood in The Examiner.

“Mary, did you see the state of that new one writing in Feelgood?”
“Ye, God love her”
“Did you read what she wrote today?”
“No, should I?”
“I wouldn’t bother. She’s an awful eejit. I’d say she thinks she’s funny.”
“Ha, you’re right Johnny, the only thing funny about her is that photograph.”

However, despite Johnny and Mary’s best efforts to put me off, after much consideration, sleepless nights and nightmares, I’ve agreed to a trial for a few months. A huge part of me is, as we say over here in Ireland, ‘Brickin it’, but a small part of me is delighted to be asked and sure I’ll be okay.

I just wish those two parts were the other way around.

Wish me luck, and if you can give me any tips on any part of my writing you have found ‘funny’ please let me know.

photo credit: Get Me Out Here! via photopin (license)

photo credit: modern frida via photopin (license)

61 thoughts on “Stand back, I’m coming out of the closet

  1. Fantastric. I was worried the 20 mins spent balancing the phone in midair in this godforsaken broadbandless house wasn’t going to be worth the neck cramp. But it so was. Congratulations. You’ll be graaaaaaaand. Nay, great.

  2. well done you !!!

    you’ll be fine – if you find yourself lost for words (I can hear your man saying ‘that’ll be a first’) just pour another glass of wine to get the creative juices flowing

    p.s. I knew you were destined for stardom right from the first when I stumbled upon your blog 😆

    1. Thanks Duncan, you’ve always been a great support.
      I definitely need wine, and sure isn’t it a great excuse, ‘I’m not drinking, I’m thinking!’

    1. Thank you. I’ve wondered many times in the past few weeks, ‘am I mad?’
      We’ll wait and see how it goes, but no experience is ever wasted so hopefully it’s a good one.

  3. Not only do I think you will be great, but I think this post was pretty funny. Just keep up the good work!

    My daughter (who writes comedy for a network TV show in the States) says that writing humor means getting into a kind of mindset groove where the more you write the funnier you get. She says the writers all hate to go on vacation because it takes a while to get back into it again.

    1. Sorry for my tardy reply I’ve had no internet for days.
      I’ve found your comment re your daughter very encouraging. Thanks for your kind words also.

  4. Tric,
    You will be great. You already have a following and your loyal readers will be wanted to know how it’s going once you get into your daily writings for the paper. You are going to be just fine and he himself is there to give you the moral support that the rest of us will be sending from every place around the world. Go for it my dear instead of having a few of us you will just have a few more you can count on. I’m so happy for you and want you to know Congrats and lots of wine is due to you. ❤ Kat

      1. I have always enjoyed reading what you put on paper. It comes from the heart and that is what makes it so right. There are many kinds of writers those who write with their head and those who write from their hearts the ones who have the ability to make other feel what they felt while they were writing the piece are the best writers…My grandma told me that and she could make people cry with her stories when she told them…you have that ability.

        1. Wow I’ve a big head after reading your lovely comment. Thank you so much. Sometimes we all have a problem with confidence so your thoughts are very much appreciated.

  5. Wait a minute…..someone ASKED you to write for them? Don’t be nervous woman, be flattered!

    Let’s see, you write funny about ‘himself’. You write funny about ejits and feck. And you write funny about wine.


  6. Congratulations, Tric! You are a natural writer, and there is humour in your writing already! So I would say, don’t stress about being funny, just be yourself, and the job will get done…..

  7. Congratulations! Being asked is fantastic and a credit to you. You write so beautifully. This post was humorous so there you go. And if all else ails you can take your laptop to the pub and have a glass of wine.

  8. That’s great news Tric! Congrats and well deserved. I’m sure you’ll do a fine job – hopefully you can recycle some of your most popular (funny) blog posts which would help ease you in.

    1. Thanks so much Theresa. Sorry I’m so late replying, I’ve been internet deprived for days. Thanks for making the time to comment. It means a lot.

  9. oh, this is such great news, tric! you are naturally funny, so nothing to worry about, just tell your stories with your usual approach and you will do just fine!

        1. I think it does, that afternoon, and if I wish I’m free to repost or share the article from the following day.
          Bet you can’t wait. 🙂

  10. Oh wow! Amazing news and you are so right to give it a go. You’re perfect for the job and I look forward to reading your column! And don’t mind those begrudgers, Johnny and Mary…the’re everywhere. Just ignore 😉 x

  11. This is fantastic news, Tric! And a bloody great reason to buy the Examiner. Hearty congratulations. Don’t fret about the funny thing. My guess is that you got the gig because of the way you write, so you shouldn’t think about changing the way you write for the gig. It’s what you’re already doing. You have a light touch which is a wonderful thing.

    1. Thanks Tara. It’s funny because it’s quite hard to write as I do on my blog for a different gig. I’m overthinking it and double checking everything. I hope that once I begin it’ll get easier, or I’ll relax. Until then there’s always wine. 🙂

  12. Hey, congratulations! That’s great! I’m sure you’ll be amazing at it. They wouldn’t have asked you unless they had confidence you could do it. Will any of your columns be available online? (I don’t live in Ireland and it’s a walk to buy a newspaper.)

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