This one is for you.

‘Do you mind her writing about you like that in her blog?” my friend asked my husband over Christmas. We were all gathered in a friends house and I had just discovered that a number of those present, regularly read my blog, or at least had access to it. ‘Yerrah” said my husband, (don’t even get me started on the number of times he begins a sentence with Yerrah), “I don’t mind really, sure I’ve heard her say worse about me”.

On looking back over my posts I see that there may be an unhealthy balance showing up, in favour of my tongue in cheek description of our life and times together. However I have actually written a few posts of a more serious nature in which the man himself is shown in a very good light, I’d even fancy him again if he wasn’t already mine! (In case your interested this one in particular shows why this man means so much to me, it’s called ‘Keep Out’)

Last night as I lay in bed I pondered on our life together. This year we will be married twenty five years. We have been together over thirty. It seems such a long time when I say it, and remember all the things that have happened in my life and in the world during that time. Yet as I looked at him sleeping last night I thought to myself how lucky am I?  I thought of my friends remark and my husbands reply. It made me credit: Adam Foster | Codefor via photopin

Because the one thing I have shared with my husband over the past thirty years that has kept us together through some dreadful days. was not the heady flush of first love, nor the steady hand of friendship we have shared.It was not the wedding ring on our fingers, nor the years of shared sorrows and joys. No, the one thing that has kept us together through thick and thin, is the ability we have to make each other laugh. There is no one alive makes me laugh as much as he does, and there is nothing in life I enjoy as much as laughter.

So tonight for one night only I will go all mushy, (get the buckets, you have been warned). This is for you E. May we continue to laugh together for many more years. xxx

I was introduced to this Johnny Cash song by my brother. In case you haven’t time to listen to it here are the first two verses.

“Rose Of My Heart”

We’re the best partners this world’s ever seen,
Together as close as can be.
But sometimes it’s hard to find time in between,
To tell you what you mean to me.
You are the rose of my heart,
You are the love of my life.
A flower not fading nor falling apart,
If you’re tired, rest your head on my arm.
Rose of my heart.

A blog buddy of mine lost his partner around this time of year. I’d also like to dedicate this song to him. Duncan thinking of you.

36 thoughts on “This one is for you.

  1. Laughter must be one of life’s strongest glues. Lovely post. And for all of the words you’ve written about ‘yer’ man, I’ve never read anything but love in them. 😉

      1. Isn’t it Disney’s movie “Lady and The Tramp” where the wife calls the husband “idiot”. I remember being surprised by the word, but the sentiment behind it was lovely. Your posts have let the world know you love your eejit. 😉

  2. A beautiful post to your hubby! Laughter is the glue that held Mike and i together and one of the things I miss! Love the song too, but almost anything by JC is good!

  3. Lovely post. I feel the same about my husband, the poor fella doesn’t mind at all when I put up pics of him messing about…good job really as he doesn’t have a lot of choice.

    1. Haha. Same here. I will have to leave this out somewhere so he ‘accidentally’ sees it. We’d have awful writers bloc without them. 🙂

    1. Marriage or partnership, I don’t think it matters too much which you live in, but lasting so long is not for everyone. It seems like a lifetime, invested in one person, and it’s great that we are still pals and enjoy each other greatly…. most days.

    1. I haven’t told Duncan yet. I have always found humour the most attractive feature in a person. It makes even a bad day a bit better.
      Thanks Beth.

  4. Beautiful and funnily enough that is exactly what I would have said about my relationship with my husband. Our “friendship” finally moved on to something more when I realised there was no one in the world that could make me laugh as much or with whom I was always happy.

    1. I remember my husband had to go away for two weeks a number of years ago, it was then I discovered how much we laugh together and how much I missed it. Lucky us Naomi, well some of the time anyway. 🙂

  5. thanks for thinking of me at this time of year, tric, and the song

    I couldn’t agree more about the importance of humor to cement a relationship. Anita and I had our ups and downs like any couple and had some horrendous arguments at times (her fault, of course – she was a red-headed, feisty bitch, with celtic blood in her) and many a wine glass was hurled in my direction during these fights. Fortunately, very few ever connected with my head because she was not one to waste good wine. As long as there was wine in the glass, I was safe. When I saw her glass was nearly empty, I was ready to duck 😆

    while terrible at the time, these fights were amongst the things we shared a laugh about later and in hindsight it was often difficult to remember what it was we were arguing about anyway though it had seemed very important at the time

    it was humor, too, that helped us get through the dark days when she was battling cancer. [I truly believe that laughter is the best weapon against fear. If you can laugh at death, you weaken its power to frighten you]

    I honestly can’t imagine a relationship surviving if the couple don’t find humor in their lives and lack the ability to make each other laugh on occasion

  6. Ah yes, the wine glass can be a deadly weapon.
    Over the past two years blogging you have shared with me a few of the posts you wrote when Anita was well and during her illness. I have always really identified with them on two levels. One was your shared humour, it was so like my families way of coping when my Dad was dying. The other was the connection between you two, and your obvious love for Anita, even if you didn’t use conventional posts of love! Hence I connected the words of this song with you two as well as myself and himself.
    Better to have loved and lost Duncan, even if it is so hard for the one left.
    Oh and btw I’m not a red head so it must be him causing the rows and not me!

  7. I’ve had people ask me did my husband mind what I wrote about him in my book!
    He was my first editor though!
    Agree, have to be able to take each other with a pinch of salt 😉

    1. My OH doesn’t read it too often. I think I post too often for him to bother. He did read this the other day though, and seemed happy enough.
      Yes a bit of salt required and when that fails a coffee with the girls or a glass of wine. 🙂

  8. I learned over Christmas that I think my SIL reads my blog from time to time also as she called my man ‘Garden Gnome’. I just about fell over. lol

    1. Oh yikes, that’s very funny. Deb who I follow commented one day that no one knows about her blog, but they are getting suspicious of her because she used the words ‘feck and fecker’ thanks to my blog and they are wondering where she heard those words.:)

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