Today is the tomorrow I dreaded.

Well today was the day. The last day with our old pal before he moves to England to live with his family. I thought I’d better post tonight just in case you were all day wondering how I got on.  Did I manage to enjoy our last day? Did I need a box of tissues? Did my old pal hold it together? Did I make a holy show of myself? Am I lying in a heap?leaving home.

Well let me tell you my friend, we were fantastic. As I walked into his house I lingered in his small hall, breathing it in and committing it to memory. My old pal was in the kitchen and as I went in I got my usual cheery ‘Hallo Tric’.  My other friend arrived with scones and home made soup for our pal, and as we sat down I knew we were all going to be okay. It didn’t feel lonely or sad, just comfortable as always. We asked him was he all set to go, and you will not believe me when I tell you what he said. He said he had got the dates all wrong and that he has in fact another week left! I told you you wouldn’t believe it. After our joint loud exclamations, we laughed heartily in relief. As you can imagine from then on the morning went wonderfully.

So next Thursday really will be the final visit. However even though I have no doubt it will be lonely I do not think I will fret over it. For in truth it will be a morning we thought we would never see again. As I walk into my pals house next week it will be with a happy heart, knowing I got exactly what I wished for, one more day of stories, craic and companionship, with a very special Irish gentleman.

Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday and all is fine!

photo credit: debs-eye via photopin cc

11 thoughts on “Today is the tomorrow I dreaded.

    1. Yahoo. It sure is. What a great day, and now we get to have another one. 🙂
      Really made me think of not worrying about tomorrow, as who could have guessed that this would happen.

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