There I am in the paper #39

It’s been very sad around here the past few days so I thought I’d share one of my pieces from the Irish Examiner’s Feelgood. Hope it brings a smile to your faces. September is within touching distance so… hands up who isn’t just a little bit happy? Don’t get me wrong I am not exactly … More There I am in the paper #39

As off you go.

To those of you who read this after putting your little ones to bed, to those of you who dream, as you drown in everyday parenting, to those of you who cannot remember life before children, I have only one thing to say… it does end, and as you look back you will shake your … More As off you go.

Stop the clock!

I’m jumping off the pre Christmas crazy train. Today I ignored the palpitations I felt as I checked and double checked how few days are left until Christmas. I resisted the urge to rush to the shops to continue to buy presents. Today I decided to just be. Yesterday my two eldest children returned from … More Stop the clock!