A Big Thank You.

Over the weekend I discovered,
I was shortlisted in the Irish Blog Awards,
in two categories,
Best newcomer, and Best personal blog.
I am delighted,
actually way more chuffed,
than I imagined I would be.

I began writing this blog,
out of curiosity.
Could it be as enjoyable,
as my diary?
I also wanted to write,
about more than just my life.
I knew I had old stories in my head,
memories of the past,
I wanted to put to paper.

As I began that first post,
it was just me and my laptop.
I loved it.
Pressing “publish” made me feel,
as good as if I had just completed a book deal!

Then I met you.
Slowly I began to understand,
it was not just me and my laptop.
My writing was not as hidden,
in the great world wide web,
as I thought it would be.
Others could see it and read it.
Some even pressed “follow”,
because they wanted to read,
“my thoughts on a page”.

Now months later,
writing is still a joy for me.
Each day as I sit to write,
I cannot imagine not doing so.
I have visited the other blogs shortlisted,
and was initially I must admit,
more than a little intimidated.
Some of the writing was so good.
Returning to my blog,
and imagining it through their eyes,
I thought “amateur and average”.

Today however as I sit at my laptop,
I am okay.
I write because I love to.
I am not as polished as others,
but I am a work in progress.
I do not think I am the greatest writer ever,
but that is not why I write.
I write for pleasure, for fun and relaxation.
Writing makes me think,
and because of my writing,
I often see the world in a different way.

So thanks a million,
to anyone who nominated me.
I am so very grateful.
It is a great boost to be shortlisted,
and maybe at last I will get to know,
a few of my Irish bloggers.

However more importantly,
than thanking you for nominating me,
I would like to thank each and every one of you,
for taking the time to read what I write.
For commenting and liking,
for picking me up when I was down,
and for laughing along side me.
I love your company,
and I hope you continue to enjoy reading,
as much as I do writing,
“my thoughts on a page”.

27 thoughts on “A Big Thank You.

      1. I enjoy your pieces very much and would comment but I have so much work to do. Last week’s articles are still in my folder and now I have to do this weeks articles. 🙂 Enjoy your fame as long as it lasts! 😉

    1. I’m delighted you do. It has brought me into contact with so many others like yourself, and also allowed me to read what others are writing. Thank you also as always, for your encouraging words.

      1. You’re welcome Tric. I find myself checking my email often to see what comments have come and gone during the day. It’s wonderful to see the doors that have opened to all of us.

    1. That’s very kind of you. Thanks a million. I’m delighted. A big thanks to you, as one of those who has regularly kept me going and encouraged me. 🙂

    1. Ah I think you have way too much confidence in me! I am happy with the shortlist. As you know any more is unlikely but I really do not mind, it’s great to have got to the shortlist.
      As you are one of my very biggest confidence boosters, I thank you.

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