Winner or loser at Blog Awards?

I didn’t win. So now you know. If you’re in a hurry, and reading this wondering how I got on, in the Irish Blog Awards Finals, that should allow you move on, to whatever else you need to do. If you’re in no hurry, here is the update. I didn’t win!!!! Waaah…. I’m giving up … More Winner or loser at Blog Awards?

A Big Thank You.

Over the weekend I discovered, I was shortlisted in the Irish Blog Awards, in two categories, Best newcomer, and Best personal blog. I am delighted, actually way more chuffed, than I imagined I would be. I began writing this blog, out of curiosity. Could it be as enjoyable, as my diary? I also wanted to … More A Big Thank You.

An apology.

This is a difficult post to write, as in order to do so, I must admit many things about myself. Primarily that I am selfish,lazy and rude. Throw in disorganised, and someone who keeps putting things off, and you have me summed up pretty well. This can clearly be seen, in my attitude to Awards. … More An apology.

Freshly Impressed #4

So another week has gone by, and it is time to let you know, who “Freshly Impressed” me this week. What posts caught my eye, made me think or laugh or cry. Unlike other weeks, this week I am featuring posts, from blogs I follow. It was a difficult week personally, with “stuff” happening here … More Freshly Impressed #4


. My own family gave up listening to me years ago, but thanks to the higher intellect of my fellow bloggers, I have been “awarded” The Most Versatile Blogger Award And the Sisterhood of the World blogger award! Firstly I would like to say thank you so very much to, Crankycaregiver who nominated me for … More Awards!!!

Thank You Bloggers!

I told my kids this morning, that I had recieved nominations for three awards, in the past few days. Beautiful Mama Award thank you to mummyshymz. Liebster Award, thank you to beingjune. and Sunshine Award thanks to lauriesnotes Were they so proud? Was I congratulated? NO The comments went. “Is this my porridge?” “Mum, they … More Thank You Bloggers!