“Sick” Joke Of The Day!

My friend,
whose son was diagnosed at xmas,
with Leukaemia,
is waiting for her sons blood count to rise,
so they can travel to Dublin,small__2399386867
for a week of chemotherapy.
They have been packed and waiting,
for the past five days.

Every time the results come back saying,
his blood count is .1 too low.
Its very trying for them.

However todays joke is courtesy of my friend.

When I called over today,
she said…

“What is worse than going to Dublin for Chemo?”
NOT going to Dublin for Chemo!”.

photo credit: jimbowen0306 via photopin cc

11 thoughts on ““Sick” Joke Of The Day!

  1. I hope your friend’s son has good results soon! I’m also glad to see that there are productive things being done in Ireland. Your beautiful country has a bit of a reputation over here as being mostly pub fights and soccer hooliganism! lol. I kid out of love, of course!

  2. Hey, “tric,” how you doing? Thoughts and prayers for your friends. It’s stressful, scary, and flat out no fun to deal with stuff like this, especially serious things like cancers. But they are making progress in treating these things, especially in children.

    Hey, I’ll bet you’re a good friend! You take care of you…Skip

        1. 🙂 Wish I could make this thing “wink!” Talk to you later on…


  3. Hope things will get better for your friend’s kid soon. It must be tough for them but from this post and an earlier post you published, it sounds like they are trying to stay postive, which is important in such battles. Do keep us updated!

    1. The blogging community are very good. She’ll be delighted. I always check if she is ok with me mentioning it. she gets a good laugh out of featuring. Thank you again. Also can you confirm if I filled out my email for your new site?

      1. Hello! It looks like you haven’t confirmed your subscription. After you key in your email, an email will be sent to you (do check your spam folder of your email). You have got to click on a link in the email to confirm subscription. Hope this helps! Thanks for the follow!

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