His name was Daniel

He came third in his family,
but always aimed for first in life.
Soccer, football, hurling, basketball, golf,
all played with passion.

All his efforts came from a desire to be the best.
He loved to win.

On this blog you have known him as,
photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/ronniechan/4249367565/">El Ronzo</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">cc</a>
“my friends young boy”,
“my young friend”,
and affectionately as “the little warrior.

As I write about him tonight for the last time,
I just wanted you all to know,
his name was Daniel.

A boy in a million.

Codladh Sámh Daniel.
Codladh Sámh.

photo credit: El Ronzo via photopin cc

53 thoughts on “His name was Daniel

    1. Such a beautiful thing to say. Thank you so much.
      I read your post to your little cowboy today. It was painful to read, but beautiful. I think Daniel would have given the same answer to your question. Life at any cost is not right for young children. I hope they get to meet. They would be close in age now.

  1. Jesus had a special love for children. I believe they are playing soccer in a verdant meadow now, and Daniel is entirely pain free, heart filled with love and joy, and they are both bent over, slapping their thighs with laughter! 😀

  2. Thank you for sharing his name, and his heart with us. I’ve wondered about his name, and feel such a connection with him – thank you. I am sure he will know that he was, and is, the best, wherever he is now.

    I will continue to hold him and his family in my heart, sending love and healing to them, as they each take steps on their journeys.

    1. Thank you Lucia. As always your words are much appreciated. They also carry such weight as I know you traveled this road such a short time ago. You give me hope that my friend will get through all this eventually, somehow.

      1. Yes, she will, especially with you by her side. Letting her know you’re there, gently and without expectation, as I’m sure you are. Many show up for the short-term, but she’ll need a friend who’s still there in 3, 6, 12 plus, months when everyone else thinks she “should be ok now…” She’s lucky to have you as her friend.

        1. Maybe in time. During these early days there is nothing I can say or do to help any of them. It is so sad to miss him and realise he is gone and also to know the pain my friend is in. These are difficult days.

  3. The glory he is seeing tonight is something we have never seen on this earth. He is perfect in every way. My heart goes out to his parents. I hope for their peace. Blessings,

    1. I’m seeing it but I can never imagine what it really feels like. It is so very sad. I still cannot believe how unlucky he was. They watched others come in for transplant and go home so very well.

    1. Thank you. I debated whether to release his name but I am so glad I did. So many followed this story and willed him well. They rallied with prayers and kind thoughts. People I will never know cared so much. It was only right they now know his name.

    1. Thanks Olivia. It has been a very sad time for all who knew him, but an unimaginable nightmare for his parents. We are still in shock. As the days pass and we realise it is real it gets harder.

  4. I pray the angels welcomed him with glee and song and a great game of his favorite choosing. And that the angels swoop around all of you, giving you moments of certainty that he is well and loved.

  5. Please tell Daniel’s Mom and Dad that although you may not write about him any more, we will continue to think of him. Through your words, his life has reached out and touched even more lives. When I look up at all those beautiful stars above us, I’ll know that one is Daniel, as one is the friend I lost in childhood, one is my friend’s daughter, one is the little boy from the preschool where I taught…….

    1. Thank you. It is nice to know others knew of him and are sad to hear we lost him. Yes there is comfort in looking around and seeing him still, stars are always symbolic of those who are gone from our lives. I remember you speaking of others who have also gone too soon.Hopefully they are all getting acquainted.

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