Freshly Impressed #15

Welcome to Freshly Impressed, where I share with you posts I have read recently which have left me ‘Freshly Impressed’. First up, as we are nearing Halloween, I’d like to feature a post by Beth from, ‘I didn’t have my glasses on’. It epitomises why I love blogging, as everyday I discover something new and … More Freshly Impressed #15

Freshly Impressed #9

Welcome once again to Freshly Impressed. In case you are not familiar with my blog, this is where I share with you, a number of posts which I have enjoyed on wordpress over the past few weeks. The reason behind these posts, is to share with you new blogs or posts I’ve enjoyed. It is … More Freshly Impressed #9

Freshly Impressed #8

Welcome once again to “Freshly Impressed”. I hope you all enjoy the posts which this week, have “Freshly Impressed” me. Before I begin a brief apology. I missed bringing you Freshly Impressed last week, as I was in Dublin, not winning an award, for “Best Personal Blog”. A week of drinking and crying have meant, … More Freshly Impressed #8

Freshly Impressed #6

It’s that time again. Time to give a shout out, to all those posts, which “Freshly Impressed” me. For those of you who do not follow my blog, this is my way of highlighting other blogs, which you may not have read before. A way of sharing posts I have enjoyed, without having to give … More Freshly Impressed #6

Freshly Impressed #4

So another week has gone by, and it is time to let you know, who “Freshly Impressed” me this week. What posts caught my eye, made me think or laugh or cry. Unlike other weeks, this week I am featuring posts, from blogs I follow. It was a difficult week personally, with “stuff” happening here … More Freshly Impressed #4