Freshly Impressed is back.

A year ago I got fed up with that gang over in ‘Freshly Pressed’ always missing my posts so I decided to begin my own award called ‘Freshly Impressed’. Each week I’d select a few posts I’d really enjoyed and share them here with those of you who might have missed them. Sometimes they were posts from blogs I followed, but equally they could be from a blog I’d come across by accident.

Here are the blogs who ‘Freshly Impressed’ me this week. I’ve gone with all comedy this week because we could all do with a laugh.

First on the list is a blog I only recently found called BunKaryudo. Every thing he writes is brillantly written and his musings on every day life’s happenings are very funny. Definitely a read that will never disappoint. I could have chosen any of his posts but here is his latest offering. I rarely laugh out loud, but Freshly Impressedthis one was impossible to read quietly. Read it, I guarantee you will not regret it and a new blog will be added to your reader.

My next choice is for anyone who is, or who ever was a parent of a child who would quite happily stay up all night. Aedin from the blog Mini’s and Mum thought all her prayers were answered when she read of a new book written by a psychologist which purports to put children to sleep. Lets just say things didn’t go quite to plan. This review/public service announcement called ‘Down the rabbit hole and into the bin a review of the rabbit who wants to fall asleep’ is a great fun read well worth your time.

My final choice is a birth story. Before you dismiss it this is a story with a difference. It comes from the blog of My little Babog and describes the day she gave birth to her newest arrival in her hallway. Told with plenty of humour it is a riveting read and definitely freshly impressed me. Why not check it out here

So there you have it my choice of blogs which ‘freshly impressed’ me this week. I hope you enjoyed them.

Credit to Duncan at madhatters for my freshly Impressed award logo.

21 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed is back.

  1. Tric, I just popped over here to say hello and found my name in a post! Thank you very much! That’s very kind of you. I’m off to have a look now at the other blogs you mentioned. 😀

    1. I’m happy to know you’re ok with me featuring you. I so enjoy your posts and happy to highly recommend you. I did send you an email to tip you off.

      1. I’m definitely fine with it, flattered and absolutely delighted, in fact.:D

        I’m sorry I missed the email. I get so many since I started blogging that it’s quite overwhelming at times. I’m going to have to find a way to bring my email back under control again. Unfortunately, my organizational skills are second to just about everybody.

    1. I hope you enjoy them. There are so many blogs and posts it’s good to get a recommendation and also as a blogger to share the love so to speak.

  2. Just ironing out a few problems with my latest poem Tric, decided to do a bit of browsing – love the post off now to plug into your choices – they might just add a little starch to my scribbling – until next time make sure those collars are well starched to hold up against upcoming south easterlies?

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