Freshly Impressed #5

It is that time again,
to share with you all,
what has “Freshly Impressed” me this week.

For those of you who do not follow my blog,
this is my way of highlighting other blogs,
which you may not have read before.
A way of sharing posts I have enjoyed,
without having to give out an Award,
which makes for a lot of work.

My first post is from Rarasaur.
She is such a versatile blogger,
and has a blog filled with all kinds of everything.Freshly Impressed
She is also an amazingly generous and patient blogger.
who has previously been Freshly Pressed among many other honors.
(Lucky for her she is now Freshly Impressed”)

The post that caught my eye,
was posted a couple of weeks ago.
It highlighted the random blog feature on wordpress,
something I did not even know existed.
In this post she suggests,
putting a button on your sidebar,
which will direct surfing bloggers,
to a random post,
but that post will be decided by you.

I thought it was a great idea.
A way to allow bloggers read,
some of your older posts.
So check it out her post is called,
Generating Randomness.
you wont be sorry.

Next on my list is a really lovely story.
It is on the blog,
“To see the world in a grain of sand”.
This post is one to help us remember,
what it is that is really important in life.
I must say I really enjoyed it.
It is called “The Last Three Wishes”.

Lastly I will leave you with humor,
as that is something we can all enjoy.
It is a post on the blog of a fellow Irish blogger,
J.D. Gallagher,
who has quite a twisted sense of humor.
I hope you find it as funny as I did.
It is called Socks

So there you have it.
Congratulations to my three bloggers,
who “Freshly Impressed” me.
I hope they impress you too.

As always credit for my amazing,
Freshly impressed logo,
goes to my buddy Duncan at madhatters.

16 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #5

    1. I’m delighted with the hug .:) I love doing this post each week. I missed last week as my laptop was in being fixed and the posts I’d bookmarked were not available to me. I really missed doing it so much.

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t say thank you!! I read this on my phone when you posted it… and was able to link it, but couldn’t comment without my big thumbs leaving an unintelligible reply. But I loved your other suggestions, and I’m so pleased to be have been mentioned amongst your picks. You’re very kind and this Freshly Impressed is an awesome idea!

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