Freshly Impressed #11

It is time again for my “Freshly Impressed” post once again. Who inspired or amused me this week?
For those who are new to this blog, this is a post I write which highlights bloggers who wrote something I really enjoyed. It allows me to introduce the post and the blogger to you. I hope you enjoy them.

First to “Freshly Impress” today is a post called “It’s in the Healing”.
This is a beautiful piece of writing, and as someone who has been wounded in life, it resonated with me.
This is not a blog I just stumbled upon I have followed The Chatter BLog for some time and it is Freshly Impressedalways a joy to read.

Next on my list is something to make you smile. Now at times I know my blog can be dark, but my real love is humour. However I can be a little picky over what I choose to laugh at. This post certainly passed the test and had me laughing out loud. Anyone who has had children will definitely remember an event similar to what is described here.
The post is called “Breaking News” and is on the blog Stuphblog.

My final recommendation is a beautiful photography blog called Retirement and beyond. I couldn’t decide which of her posts to highlight so I have changed the rules and will give you a choice of two posts. I will have to admit at this stage to some bias. This blogger often posts photographs from Ireland and most particularly from Cork. So if you want an idea of where I hang out in real life check her out.
This first post is a post featuring the countryside around Cork and Kerry.  My second choice is even closer to home.

Both very much capture for me what I mean by Ireland and in particular “Home”.

So there you have it. I hope you check these great posts out. I know you wont be disappointed.
Until next time. Thanks for reading.

As always all credit to Duncan over at The Mad Hatters for my amazing “Freshly Impressed” logo. I know you’re all mad jealous and determined to achieve such an honour. Thanks Duncan.

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