Post malfunction. Freshly Impressed #7

Last week I spent time writing my post.
Editing, and linking, and adding media.
Then I ticked tags and categories,
ensuring not to overdo the number chosen.
Finally I re read it for the millionth time.

At last it was all done.
It was my weekly “Freshly Impressed” post.

All that was left to do,
was to publish.
Great. Job done.
The usual patting of myself on the back ensued.

My post did not appear in topics!
I clicked like crazy,small_3426734625
deleted tags and categories,
and clicked some more.
Still no post in topics!

So no one outside of those who follow this blog,
would have seen the great posts I was featuring.
It was like half honoring,
those bloggers I had chosen.

So today I am trying to right that wrong.
I have posted on the wordpress forum,
my inquiry as to what happened.
I don’t suppose I’ll ever really know.
All that is left to say is,
if you did not get a chance to read that post,
“Freshly Impressed #6”,
just click here.
Do please check it out,
as I would like to give a decent shout,
to the blogs I chose.

(As an aside I did wonder,
was wordpress censoring me,
for using my oh so witty title,
“Freshly Impressed”!)

Now that wrong has been righted,
we can get to this weeks,
“Freshly Impressed #7”.Freshly Impressed

My first chosen post is a perfect Sunday choice.
Many who read this,
attend some sort of religious ceremony on Sunday.
This is a post which highlighted so honestly,
the conflicts we all feel at times,
when we are faced with a moral dilemma.

It is called,
Sending a hungry man walking.
It is on the blog “Blog Truth”
I wonder what the majority of you would have done,
if you were in the same situation?

My next post which “Freshly Impressed” me,
is an inspirational post,
on the blog Pearls of Perception.
It is entitled “Everyone is my teacher”
A post with a simple and yet very powerful message,
as these type of posts often do.

And finally as always,
I like to finish with humor.
“And thats when the fight started”,
is a really funny post of jokes all linked,
by the words “and that’s when the fight started”.
It is on the blog lauffmao.
It should make you smile,
and possibly even laugh out loud.

So once again,
I hope you enjoyed,
this weeks posts which “Freshly Impressed” me.
Keep writing,
and I’ll keep reading.

As always credit for the wonderful “Freshly Impressed” logo,
goes to my pal Duncan at madhatters.

photo credit: stuartpilbrow via photopin cc

10 thoughts on “Post malfunction. Freshly Impressed #7

  1. That has happened to my posts three times. When I look to see what the problem is, for some reason the “date/time” of the post is sometime in the past (I don’t know why, but it seems to happen sometimes when I have put a post into “draft” format before publishing it). Now, I don’t “draft” any post…I simply write the post as a word document until I am satisfied with it, then paste it into wordpress and go to publish. I don’t know if this is the same problem as you have, but I thought I’d share it…hope it helps.

    1. I write in wordpress directly but I never looked at the date/time, so maybe that was an issue. I was holding my breath the day after but all was okay since. Thanks that is something I’d check if it ever happened again.

  2. I seem to have the same problem with posts that do not show up in the reader, sometimes I have to’ publish’ a post 2 or 3 times before it appears so I would be interested to hear if you get this sorted

    1. Really? This is the first time it ever happened to me so it was a big surprise. I don’t take it for granted since. I’ll let you know if I ever get to the bottom of it.

  3. thanks for not surrendering to the blog gremlins and resposting these, you do a great service to all of us in the community with this, opening our eyes to new and wonderful writers we didn’t know were out there )

    1. Thanks Beth. WordPress have been very helpful and they tell me it was a problem with my topics. For some reason I had two categories listed which were the same ( or something like that!). Anyway all good now. I’m glad you enjoy checking out some new blogs.

  4. must be some kind of jinx

    a few moments ago I published a post on Malala and the pakistan taliban

    despite my dashboard telling me it was published ‘one minute’ ago, it was nowhere to be seen on the front page

    i pressed the publish/update button several times, and although the dashboard told me the post was published ‘seven minutes’ ago it was still not showing on the front page

    I then went back in and inserted an exclamation mark into the text, pressed the update button – and lo, there it was at last

    [was beginning to think my use of the tags taliban and terrorism had triggered alarms on some NSA monitor’s PC and my post had been blocked until cleared] 😆

    1. Ha ha. Paranoia how are you. In fairness wordpress forum have uncovered what the issue was so hopefully it will not happen again.
      I too thought I’d been blacklisted for some reason, and I am a lot less offensive than you!

        1. I have just seen your post! I’m waiting for the little one to go to bed to view it. I think it’s obvious you took the challenge. You might even have enjoyed it if you ask me.

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