Freshly Impressed #8

Welcome once again to “Freshly Impressed”.
I hope you all enjoy the posts which this week,
have “Freshly Impressed” me.

Before I begin a brief apology.blog_awards_2013_badge_finalistsm
I missed bringing you Freshly Impressed last week,
as I was in Dublin,
not winning an award,
for “Best Personal Blog”.
A week of drinking and crying have meant,
that I am at last almost over my disappointment.

So on to my “Freshly Impressed” post (hic).

First to be highlighted is an informational post,
which was posted on “mybrandofgenius”,
( I saw it when it was reblogged on the site of
“Bastet and Sekhmets library”)
The post is called,
“A must read if you want your Gravatar to work for you”
Everyday I come across gravatars,
whose blog owners should read this post.
Without linking your gravatar to your blog,Freshly Impressed
no one can find you when you press the “like” button,
or comment on a site.
So if you haven’t linked your blog,
read this post, it really is very easy.

Next on my list is an Irish Blog.
(ah stop giving out, its a super blog).
It is the blog of Nigel Borrington,
and it is a photography blog.
He posts stunning photos of Ireland,
sometimes accompanied by a poem.
I could have picked any of the beautiful posts,
I have enjoyed the past two weeks,
but I have chosen this one,
although I really urge you to check the archives.
The post I have chosen is,
“Who has seen the Wind”.
Even the title is beautiful!
Go check him out you wont be sorry,
and who wouldn’t want to visit Ireland regularly?

So there you are.
Another round of posts which left me “Freshly Impressed”.
I hope you find the time to check them out.

As always credit for my incredible “freshly Impressed” logo,
goes to my buddy Duncan over at Madhatters.
Until next time, keep blogging,
and I’ll keep reading.
Who knows who may be lucky enough to leave me “Freshly Impressed” next time.

20 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #8

    1. Thank you. I love writing it. I had also selected a humor post but luckily she caught me just before posting as she was going to submit it somewhere, so I had to hurriedly delete it and update!
      Maybe next time you’ll all get to read it!

      1. Yeah, it stinks that writers can’t post their works on their sites and then send it to some publishers! But, most only retain the right to be first to publish it…so maybe we can see it soon!

  1. been blogging now for 4 years or so

    am embarrassed to admit I always assumed anyone clicking on my gravatar would be taken automatically to madhatters 😳

    have now updated my user profile – thanks for posting this tip !

    1. Yea, I am so wise!! I was blogging a few months and a very kind blogger posted a similar post. I hadn’t a clue what he was on about but did as he suggested and have been conscious of it ever since. I never noticed yours wasn’t linked. You have made my night! 🙂

  2. thanks tric, you are the ‘x-factor’ promoter of the blog world. ) how did the little warrior’s trip home go? i hope it was filled with joy and love.

    1. Thanks. He had a wonderful trip home and was awake and in good form for most of it. I called yesterday to see him sitting up on the couch surrounded by his siblings and cousins, about 10 in total, all laughing, shouting and chatting together. I can see them still in my minds eye. I’m sure it was medicine for him no one could buy.

  3. I agree this is a good idea.
    personally I have occasionally perused the official “Freshly Pressed” and not been that impressed or inspired by what I have seen. So it is always good to get another point of view about what is worth reading.

    1. Thanks. I enjoy it and as most of us bloggers are fairly lazy it is an easy one click to discover what I consider an entertaining blog.

    1. Great. Glad you enjoyed it. Funnily enough I do wonder whether I should change the way I write (as in the sentence structure), but that is a thought I keep putting off for another day.
      Yes Ireland is magic, but I am a bit bias. Nigel portrays it beautifully.

  4. Ah Tric, sure you are a tonic (with or without the Cork Dry) yep Ireland whatever the weather is the place to gather/visit for the “craic” as for your writing it gives us all a lift – long may you continue.

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