Freshly Impressed #3

Once again it is time to share with you, those who “Freshly Impressed” me this week. I am sure most of you reading, have been missed yet again, by the Freshly Pressed brigade. Except my blogging buddy, Don of all trades, who got himself selected, for his post, “an open letter to the Jane q. … More Freshly Impressed #3

Freshly Impressed #2

Forget about Freshly Pressed, Stand by for another edition of “Freshly Impressed”. This is a regular post, where I share with you whatever it was, that caught my attention on wordpress This week because I have only returned from holiday, I will be giving you my “Freshly Impressed”. from the large amount of posts, which … More Freshly Impressed #2

Freshly Impressed #1

Forget Freshly Pressed. Instead I’d like to introduce you to “Freshly Impressed”. These are a selection of posts, which I, as an ordinary blogger “liked” on wordpress. Posts that really moved me, or made me laugh. Posts that have lived on past the initial read. So here they are my first bloggers to be Freshly … More Freshly Impressed #1