Freshly Impressed #9

Welcome once again to Freshly Impressed.
In case you are not familiar with my blog,
this is where I share with you,
a number of posts which I have enjoyed on wordpress over the past few weeks.Freshly Impressed

The reason behind these posts,
is to share with you new blogs or posts I’ve enjoyed.
It is my alternative to “awards”,
which I have found to be bittersweet due to all the work involved.
So sit back and enjoy the read.

My first comes from the blog of Stewart.M.Perkins called Storyshuker.
If you have never visited his blog you are in for a treat.
He is the most amazing storyteller.
I cannot overstate how enjoyable his short stories are.
The post I have chosen is Copy That.
I could in fact have picked any of the stories he has written to date.
Trust me on this one, you should visit, ninety two likes and counting!

Next on my list of posts which seriously impressed me,
is a post on the blog “perceptions of reality”.
It is a post called Grandmother made her cry”.
It is a heartfelt post about the change in a relationship,
when a grandmother hears the words “she has autism”.
It took my breath away and two weeks later I still think of this post.

Finally I would like to share with you a stunning visual blog.
It is the blog of Cindyknoke.
The post I have picked is called Ancient creatures and living jewels.
It is breathtaking, as are all her posts.

So that’s it.
My Freshly Impressed #9 selection.
I hope you enjoyed them as much as I have,
and maybe gathered a few new favourites for your reader.

As always thanks to Ducan on madhatters for my “amazing” Freshly Impressed logo.
Until next time keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

6 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #9

    1. You are so welcome. I really enjoy your blog. It’s always a delight to read your stories, and I wanted to share them with those who read my blog.

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