Freshly Impressed #4

So another week has gone by,
and it is time to let you know,
who “Freshly Impressed” me this week.
What posts caught my eye,
made me think or laugh or cry.

Unlike other weeks,
this week I am featuring posts,Freshly Impressed
from blogs I follow.
It was a difficult week personally,
with “stuff” happening here in real life,
which was outside of my control.
My emotions were all over the place,
with an over emphasis on worry and sadness.
As a result two out of my three choices are quick visual humor,
which reflects what worked for me online this week.
I hope regardless of your mood,
that you click on and appreciate all three of my choices.

My first post I am “Freshly Impressed” by,
was on the site,
“A Clown on Fire”.
This is a very popular site,
many of you may already be familiar with.
This post has stayed in my head since I first read it.
The writing is incredibly honest,
and I would imagine it was not easy to pen.

The post examines the long lasting effects,
of anger and verbal abuse within the home,
long after we leave.
The impact it continues to have on the future,
as we go on to create a home of our own.
He titled it the genius title,
“The Dark Passenger”
It really is well worth the read.
There is food for us all in it.

Next up is a fellow Irish blogger,
whose site is called
“In and around Dublin”, (with a camera in his bag).
As I am a fellow Dub,
you can see how I would enjoy this blog.
Anyway I could not pass this photo post,
as it made me smile.
Homing misile
Check it out and smile with me.

My final post which “Freshly Impressed” me this week,
is from the blog of Mr G kids.
He has a cartoon blog,
which captures his life as a teacher.
This blog always entertains me.
One of my favourites posts ever was this one,
“The end of the first minute of kindergarten”
Another post which will surely make you smile.

So there you have it,
my posts which “Freshly Impressed” this week.
I hope you enjoyed them and will check out their blogs.
Thanks a million for reading.
Enjoy your writing,
Maybe you will “Freshly Impress” someone this week.

As always credit for my amazing “Freshly Impressed” award,
goes to my buddy Duncan at “The Mad Hatters”.
It goes perfectly with the tremendous honor it is,
to “Freshly Impress” me!


26 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #4

    1. Austin,
      Thanks man. I have been seeing you on my Facebook page. Made me smile under all the clown make-up.
      Le Clown

  1. Tric,
    Thank you for sharing this post, and you were right: it wasn’t an easy one to pen. Also, I’ll be looking at the other posts you suggest. I think it’s great what you do with this feature, it’s a nice way to give a bit of light to other bloggers.
    Le Clown

    1. Thanks. I kept getting awards but like a bold child not doing my homework straight away so in the end I didn’t know who gave me what and they were so much work!
      So I saw a few others doing something similar and decided to go for a play on the old “Freshly Pressed” honor.
      I actually really enjoy writing this each week.

  2. thanks tric, these sound great and i’ll check them out. leave it to you, even though you are having a tough week personally, to reach out and support others, i hope this coming week finds you in a better place my friend )

    1. Thank you so much. I actually really enjoy doing this post. It was a hard week but the news yesterday was better and so Yahoo, I am in much better form. Heres hoping this continues for the next week or two!
      Thanks again. You are always so very supportive. I really appreciate it.

  3. OMGosh, as a former elementary teacher (20+ years) I SO loved Mr Gs scrolling comic. How delightfully hysterical and wonderfully true. Been there…done that, and laughed out loud. And always had a supply of decorated bandages for the “bleeding” who just needed a touch of sympathy.

    1. It really is fantastic and so unique. I am so glad to have sent someone else his way as I enjoy each of his posts so much. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. I was only thinking of you today! You have made me think that I should really put “Freshly Pressed” on a tab so it can be read easily. Thanks! Hope all is good in your world?

        1. Thanks it was a difficult week but news was better on Friday. The week ahead is critical but hopefully fingers crossed this day next week life will look a bit rosier. “Life is a roller coaster” for sure.:)

  4. Thanks for sharing my blog, and I’m especially glad you picked that comic, because it took a long time to piece together and takes a lot of patience and scrolling and zooming to read but I think it’s worth it! 😀

    1. Oh great I am delighted to hear that. Thanks for letting me know, it’s great to get feedback. I love to read other posts but short visual humor is great also.
      Oh and popped over to yours, Happy Birthday! 🙂

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