True love never ends.

There are days after you lose someone which are hard. You wake up, and before ever getting out of bed you know, for no particular reason, it’s going to be one of those lonely days. And then there are special days like yesterday, July 23rd, Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary. On that day sixty four … More True love never ends.

Lucky charm.

I think it is fair to say, we all have some special items we possess, which we treasure. They may be old letters, or cards, a souvenir given by a well meaning child returning from a trip away, jewellery of great or little value or something which reminds you of a special someone. My many … More Lucky charm.

Happy Mother’s Day American Mammies. (And to my own lovely Irish Mum too)

I believe it’s Mother’s Day in the United States today, so I thought there’s the perfect excuse to mention yet again my mum. However, rather than a maudlin post, telling you all how much I miss her and leaving everyone depressed, I thought I’d share one I wrote for and about my mum a few … More Happy Mother’s Day American Mammies. (And to my own lovely Irish Mum too)

His name was Ben.

This day five years ago a small boy from our village was laid to rest having lost a short battle with unexpected illness. He’d been flown to England in the hope his life would be saved. Unfortunately it was not to be. Five years ago, on October 16th, his amazing mum and dad kissed him … More His name was Ben.