Lucky charm.

I think it is fair to say, we all have some special items we possess, which we treasure. They may be old letters, or cards, a souvenir given by a well meaning child returning from a trip away, jewellery of great or little value or something which reminds you of a special someone.

My many treasures include a ring from my mum, a watch given to me by my dad and a necklace which was the first gift given to me by now husband. However, today, while searching through my jewellery I came across something I’d almost forgotten about, a small gold charm in the shape of a shoe, my lucky charm.

Twenty two years ago we moved into this house of ours; myself and himself, with a six year old girl and a three year old boy. From its very earliest days it felt like our forever home and so it has become. Life was hectic and one day, pregnant with my third child and minding two others the doorbell rang… at dinner time, just when I’d sat the four children under six down and was trying to dish it up! As I waddled towards the door, our two dogs frantically barked hello, while all four children charged past me to see who was calling. In a less than welcoming mood I opened the door and there stood a Romany gypsy.

I had no interest in anything she had to say, my mind only on the cooling dinner in the kitchen. She was perhaps the same age as myself and as she looked at my expectant body, the squad of children and the barking dogs she gave a big smile. I sighed, pre-judging what she might be about to say.

“Yes, I’m busy, ” I smiled back, a little disarmed by her smile.

“Are they all yours?” she asked.

“No, only two and the one in here, ” I said, pointing to my belly.  She laughed. “Please don’t tell me you are asking me for something,” I said, “because I’ve nothing for you.”

“No. No. It’s okay, it’s okay,” she said, and shook her head, before saying, “but I have something for you.”

From within the fold of her dress she pulled out a small purse. The gathering of little ones around me were as curious as myself and they pushed forward to see what she was giving me. From within her purse she took out the tiny charm in the shape of a shoe and pressed it into the palm of my hand.

“For you,” she said, “to bring you and your lovely family luck, always.”

Before I’d even a chance to say thank you, she waved at our young audience, turned and walked away.

Today as I once again held that tiny shoe in my hand I wondered at the kindness of the lovely lady who gave it to me. Was it really a lucky charm? Do I even belief in such things? I’m not sure. but I do know I have been very lucky in life.

I hope my kind lady has been as fortunate.

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