True love never ends.

There are days after you lose someone which are hard. You wake up, and before ever getting out of bed you know, for no particular reason, it’s going to be one of those lonely days.

And then there are special days like yesterday, July 23rd, Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary. On that day sixty four years ago, a young man from Donegal married an equally young woman from Donegal, promising ’til death do we part.’ Unfortunately, that day came decades too soon when Dad died from Motor Neurone Disease in his early fifties.

But death didn’t part them. For over thirty years Mum missed Dad and marked their anniversary without him. As a family, we supported her as best we could, with a hug, a phone call, our presence and visiting the grave. Until yesterday… when we woke up without either of them. And as I reasoned that Mum would have been lonely and definitely have hated the high temperatures of the day, I couldn’t stop my tears.

What I wouldn’t have given for one more anniversary.  However, that is not what she would have wanted.

Mum truly believed, she and Dad would be together again on the other side. So, perhaps next July 23rd I should smile and be glad, hoping Mum is once again celebrating her wedding anniversary, exactly as she would wish… with the man she loved and missed for so long.




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