To you, my brown eyed girl.

Today we are celebrating the birthday of our youngest. A whirlwind of joy and happiness. The full stop in our family and in many ways the glue which keeps us all together.

I could wax lyrical about all that she is, but what seventeen year old would thank you for that?


Instead, I will remember the gift I gave her many years ago. It wasn’t one I bought in a shop, or something she could play with. But it is something I wanted her to have, which would forever remind her of all that she meant to me. I’d given similar gifts to her older brother and sisters when they were babies and in truth, none have, as yet, appreciated them in any way, but hopefully in time they will.

What were these gifts you may wonder?

They were songs. Not ones I wrote myself, but songs which summed up what that child meant to me. With my eldest I’d chosen a song before ever she was born. With my son and daughter inspiration came while they were still babies. But it wasn’t until this young lady was a beaming, happy, dance obsessed three year old that I found the song for her.

One afternoon, as the music blared from the radio, I watched her swing her hair and dance her heart out. In that moment, unlike my other children, she had found her own song.

So, here’s to you ‘My Brown Eyed Girl’ May you forever be as happy as you were that day. Happy Birthday.

10 thoughts on “To you, my brown eyed girl.

  1. ‘Them’ were the days Tric when music was music. What were the other tunes I’m curious or is that nosy?I remember when Puff the magic dragon was a favourite in our household – just as well we were not that well up in what went went on in the ‘big bad world’

  2. ah, been many a year since I heard that song – was one of my favourites

    ‘Playin’ a new game
    Laughing and a running hey, hey
    Skipping and a jumping’ . . .

    ‘Standing in the sunlight laughing’

    think I see why you chose that song for your youngest

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