Ben Canty, ‘Child of courage 2014’

If you ever want to know what courage looks like watch this. You will see courage in the faces of these parents, and you will hear it in their voices. This is the story of a young Irish boy called Ben,aged 6 years, who received the Irish Heart Foundations ‘Child of courage’ Award today.

I have written about young Ben here before, but tonight you will see him in all his glory. The Ben his family miss so much. Happy and smiling, which is how anyone who met him will always remember him. Quite literally ‘one in a million’.

Tonight young Ben, ‘child of courage’, we celebrate you. All that you were and all that you achieved in your short life.

14 thoughts on “Ben Canty, ‘Child of courage 2014’

    1. You’re welcome. It’s lovely to share this so you can see Ben so full of life and fun. The way most people remember him. It also allows you all to see just how amazing his parents and family are.
      It’s fierce sad though.

  1. Ah, Tric. Ben accomplished more in his 6 short years than most people do in their entire life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video.

    1. Thank you Deb. He was a ray of sunshine in his families lives, and saved so many. It’s lovely to be able to celebrate his life as well as mourn his loss.

  2. You’re right, Tric, Ben’s parents showed true courage and he showed true happiness in his short life, so very sad beyond words…what a precious little boy he was who also went on to save other lives. Thanks so much for sharing this…

    1. Thank you for reading and especially for commenting. It is so important for his parents to know he has not been forgotten, and to remember the lovely, happy, fun little boy he was.
      Their strength and courage take my breath away, daily.

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