Young Ben we salute you.

A year ago today a heartbroken mother and father kissed their small boy goodbye forever. He was six years old. A year ago today other mothers and fathers kissed their sick children goodbye. Hours later these children returned to their parents, having received young Bens organs.  No longer sick. With ben on holsthe potential of a long and healthy life ahead of them. All because of a small boy aged six.

No doubt it has been a very hard year for Ben’s family, and friends. The beginning of a life sentence. However, today I would like to raise a cheer for young Ben. His life mattered hugely to his mom and dad, sister, friends and family. It may have been short but it was filled with fun. He was a much loved young boy, and will be forever in his families life, even in absence. Today, as his family grieve and remember, there are others who are dearly loved, running about, laughing, and living. Within them a part of Ben lives on.  I hope whoever they are and where ever they are, that today they have a really good day. I hope their family and friends take some time out today, to pause and remember, a small boy aged six, who changed their lives forever.

In honour of young Ben, and to celebrate his life, I would like to once again share this video, and urge you to buy it. As anyone who reads my blog will know it was made earlier this year and features the families who bravely gave life to others, as they hold photos of their loved one who is gone. I think it is one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever watched, even if it didn’t feature young Ben.

So today let us all raise our glasses and celebrate young Ben, the hero. I also hope that my positive thoughts, and the thoughts of all those who read this, will in some way give his family strength, today and in the future.

Codladh Sámh Ben.

24 thoughts on “Young Ben we salute you.

  1. How sad it is that any parent has to experience this. God bless Ben and his parents on this awful anniversary.

  2. Aaah. Tears. Lovely tribute and reflections. I lost someone much beloved at the top of a transplant list, so I feel this deeply.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. How very sad. All we can do is promote organ donation the best we can. So sad to lose someone because time ran out. My sympathies to you.

  3. it is so hard to imagine that it has been a year already tric. thank you for sharing this, and what a gift this will bring to someone today who may receive the ultimate donation from another. hugs –

    1. Yes for those who got or in the future will get a new life it must be amazing. It is such a selfless thing for a family to allow, or for a person to sign up to.
      I too can’t believe it’s a year. I shake my head regularly when I feel time passing.

      1. Thank you for your support with my book. I promise to get you a signed copy when it gets here. I am having to trust this whole process now and that it will arrive at the right time. And that I will find the right support during these last steps. All has worked out up to here.. and yet I still panic a little at each step before I find the next connection. A little too similar to my healing process. ❤ Perhaps that is not a mistake.
        Take care —
        I send a little more love your way.

  4. Will say a special prayer for Bens family tonight. I know how much he was loved by all his family & friends from reading about him through your writings Patricia. You obviously loved him dearly too xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Theresa. In reality I was not particularly close to young Ben, except to enjoy him as we walked to and from school with his mom over the years,and appreciate his happy smile which he wore every day, and the love he had for his big sister. My daughter would have known him a whole lot better, but this time last year everything changed.
      We were beginning to absorb the fact that young Daniel might die, as he was put on a ventilator, when we heard about Bens sudden illness. As we watched and waited for news we could so empathise with his parents as we too waited to see if Daniel would ever wake up again. It was watching this hell that allowed me to really understand what they were going through, and over the past year to appreciate the depth of their loss. It really is unimaginable, losing two young boys in a village within weeks of each other.
      Today after attending Bens anniversary mass I really wanted to celebrate his life and to shout from the rooftops what a hero he was.
      In fact in England this very week young Ben is to be awarded a special award in recognition of his donation. What a week for him to receive it! Maybe it’s Ben telling his Mom and Dad he’s still around?
      Thanks again Theresa I have no doubt Bens parents will greatly appreciate your kind gesture of a prayer.

    1. Aw that is a lovely toast Colleen and says it all really. Maybe someone will tuck their little one in tonight and kiss them goodnight because of young Ben.
      It is so very sad that a vibrant child is gone, but at least part of him lives on. I am not sure how I’d feel about that if I were Bens parents, but maybe in time it will make a difference.

      1. I remember seeing a story, with video, not too long ago. It was a mother hearing the heart of her child beating in the person it was donated to. I can’t imagine the powerfulness of that moment, that ….knowing her child existed in some way ….still.

        Amazing post Tric.

  5. Such a huge loss. As a parent myself to young kids I cannot imagine the heartbreak. Ben is my cousins little boy and I remember my mother telling me about his passing and it was shocking. But the fact that he lives on through those other kids that he helped save is amazing. Rest is peace Ben. X

    1. You have a great family Mike. Bens mom and dad are amazing people. Small Ben was such a joy, and such a huge loss.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Mike.

  6. Tightest hugs for Ben’s parents and family today.
    Let’s hope that he has shone a very bright light about the importance of organ donation. Good health to those who were recipients of his organs. I’m sure they think of him every single day with supreme thanks.

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