To us.

Today is the anniversary of the day I got married. We have defied the odds, and have managed to stay married, and even fond of each other, for over twenty years.

I am allergic to writing a mushy post, and there are more than enough posts on this blog where I have laughed at yer man who I married. So instead I will post a link to this song by The Fureys.

It is not perfect, it doesn’t fully explain what he sees in me or vice verse.
It doesn’t tell him what he means to me, nor does it say how I feel about him.
It doesn’t give words to the love I still have for him, nor does it allow you to know how much I have enjoyed our life together.

However there is a line in it which I love, and which says ‘I will always love you’ so perfectly.
For those romantics among you enjoy.

And for yer man here…..

“So, kiss me, my sweet, and so let us part;
And when I grow too old to dream,
That kiss will live in my heart”

36 thoughts on “To us.

  1. There I was thinking your husband had been in a band for a min! Many congrats. We are 22 years married on Wednesday, another year and I will have been married for exactly half my life which is very scary!

    1. Oh Happy Anniversary. I am laughing thinking you thought he was in a band. God help the band.
      I know imagine being married this long. I don’t even feel this old. 🙂

  2. Many more happy days to you and yours Tric – you have a bit , no a HUGE bit to go to catch up on me and mine – we are still holding hands, don’t know what would happen if we let go, naw only joking sure tis still great craic – enjoy the tipple or two!!

    1. Congrats on making it even longer than we have. I hope we continue on too for many more years, with a healthy mix of hand holding and rowing!

    1. No bubbly as I was on taxi duty for my daughter, but after 24 years we nearly take it for granted at this stage! Next year though is 25 so if we make it I’ll insist on a bit of effort.

  3. Congrats to you both. I’m always astounded when I hear of long sucessful marriages & I’ve been married almost 25 long years lol (you’d never know haha)

    1. Ha ha. I understand, it seems impossible to believe that we are married 24 years yet that is around about the age I still feel. 🙂

  4. Absolutely, congrats to you both! Not a mushy post at all, just sweet and I loved those perfect, long-lasting words quoted from the song.

    I also read quickly through your previous post…. stunning post.

    Sorry I haven’t been keeping up but things a little difficult at present! xx

  5. Belated happy anniversary! I hope he treated you to a romantic evening at a nice place to eat and have fun. He needs to count his blessings that you found him! Where would he be without you?! (Right?) 🙂

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