Second chance repost #8

Todays second chance repost comes from the blog of Dancing thru years. In her email she tells me that she chose this post as it is one of her favourites, because it made her laugh.


A pictoral commentary & proof that I’m a girl!!

This is that “blog for another day” that I referred to in my previous blog. If you will recall I mentioned that I pretty much had a sleepless night on Friday night. I battle insomnia anyway, so I’m sure it was a combination of things that kept me awake, but the catalyst that got me “hyped up” was when I was laying in bed around 11 pm finishing Kristin Hannah’s newest novel,

The hubby was out fishing with the baby son, and so it was just Granny and I in the house. I heard this scratching, scraping, rustling noise in the bedroom that was hard to describe. I sat up in bed, looked around but didn’t see anything. I laid back down, raised my book to continue reading when I heard the sound again. The ceiling fan was turning normally on low and all was quiet except for that nagging scratching noise. Finally, I put my book down and looked straight up, above headboard – OMG! This is what I saw crawling on the swag directly above my head:


It can no longer be said that I don’t JUMP out of bed! Scared the …well you know. He promptly (it is a “he”, right?) scampered down the wall behind the headboard – no where to be found. This is what my bedroom looks like, so you will see..I wasn’t going to be moving much furniture by myself to get at the BIG bugger (pardon the pun).


As I began to move my sleeping arrangements to the guest bedroom I spotted the BIG bugger crawling along the baseboard. I tried to get to him with my shoe to no avail – they are faster than you think. I wasn’t sure if hubby was coming in late or not at all – so I sent him a text letting him know of my scare and why I was sleeping in the guest room. I didn’t even want to use the Master Bath after that event!

So, my book and I retired to this room:

It took me about an hour to get to sleep but once I did I only slept about 30 minutes when hubby came thru the door to check on me. I awoke with a start when he kissed my forehead. Unfortunately, once I wake up I have great difficulty getting back to sleep. So, while he was on UNCONCERN regarding the BUG and snoring loudly in the BUG ROOM, I was flipping and flopping like a fish on a dry bank in the guest bedroom! ugh! I finally fell asleep at 5:15 am only to have the alarm go off at 6:30 am!!

While making the bed Sat. am, I found the bugger laying on floor beside the bed on his back wiggling his legs. He got his fill of WATER, by being FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET! No more evidence until this morning when I picked up my favorite afghan in the living room and HIS BROTHER (they are “hes” right?) reared his ugly head! Eckk! I hate bugs! Especially, LARGE WATER BUGS! We are in a drought! What’s up with the WATER BUGS?

When I was a child growing up in the North Country – the only bug that annoyed and pestered me was the box elder bug!

I’m telling ya, I hated those little critters as well, but they don’t compare to Water Bugs! You could put a saddle on Water Bugs! Yuck!

Suffice it to say, I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER…and hubby is outside spraying around the house as we speak! He said, “they are getting in somewhere, but not sure where”. Well, “sweet hubby, if you don’t fix the problem I will be calling the Orkin man”!! Aren’t those the most horrible commercials you’ve ever seen? I’m so girly girl that I have to change the channel when they play! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Second chance repost #8

  1. That picture is hopefully greatly increased in size! And it is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen. Those large what I call water bug roaches that sometimes come in from outside are what freak me out but if I saw this!!!!!! I’m with you…I wouldn’t be able to sleep either…and I can’t believe you HEARD it! Yuck!

    1. Bugs really don’t freak me out that much in most instances, but this one was a doozy! Yeah, hearing it first…was what got my heart pumping – but then to see what it was and that it could drop on my head any second!! EEEEEKKK!!

  2. I wonder if it is a female and those things on its back are eggs? 🙂 I think I see with different eyes… I the dopey Tomboy that caught things like that and took them to my biology teacher. I also don’t kill spiders in my home unless they are poisonous. 😀 Y’all are chickens! Ha h ha ha!

    1. OMG, Jackie! I had a friend growing up who loved bugs too! She was the “curious” type and always wanted to figure it all out! Not this girl – you can have em. LOL

      1. Ha ha ha! That was me! 😉 When I lived in Germany years ago, another American woman lived next door to me and she was terrified of anything that moved. She would shriek so loud and come running to get me. One day I only heard screaming and I went to her door. She couldn’t get me because the “spider” was somewhere on the floor and she did not know where. She was standing in the middle of her bed. 😀

        I grew up playing with everything on land and out of lakes, creeks and the Atlantic Ocean. Really, we scare the heck out of these creatures and we invade their space as much as they ours.

        I draw the line at snakes. There is no place big enough for me and any no-legged snake!

    1. Very common here in Texas! When I first moved to Texas I was sitting in my easy chair watching TV with a drink on the end table. I reached to pick up my drink – and there it was!! Just as big and ugly as the one pictured! I screamed bloody murder and called the maintenance man of the apartment complex I was living in at the time.

      1. Ha!! No joke! Never seen a bug like that before and I hope I never do! Loved the image of ‘jumping out of bed’. I’d still be running!

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