Series of letters. Letter 13.

My first of two letters to be posted today is by the writer of the blog Eurolanguages. Dear inner child, Don’t worry so much about offending others when you have to stand up for your rights; just tell them how you feel, no need for plights! Whatever happened to you in your early years that … More Series of letters. Letter 13.

Break The Silence!

In the parenting category every day, I see a myriad of posts on, Potty training, sleep difficulties, schooling issues, etc. relating to young children. Do these children never grow up? If so do they become perfect teenagers? I read about the isolation, despair, sleepless nights and endless worry that comes with parenting a young child. … More Break The Silence!

Tonight Is The Night!

Can you remember a time when if you heard that your heart would race? Now your a parent of a toddler and it has a new meaning. You haven’t had a nights sleep in eighteen months. Memory, humor, disposition, judgement have all become seriously impaired. Enough is enough. Other people have managed it. Tonight is … More Tonight Is The Night!