Freshly Impressed #3

Once again it is time to share with you,
those who “Freshly Impressed” me this week.
I am sure most of you reading,
have been missed yet again,
by the Freshly Pressed brigade.
Except my blogging buddy, Don of all trades,
who got himself selected,
for his post,
“an open letter to the Jane q. public I wrote those tickets to…”
I congratulate him.
( But secretly inside I am spewing,
there is no justice in the world!).

Anyway forget Freshly Pressed,
here is my choice,
for what “Freshly Impressed” me this week on WordPress.

First to “Freshly Impress” me
was a poem which caught my eye.Freshly Impressed
Caress of Steel.
from the blog of The writings of Dr Oolies Pond.
A poem written about loving someone,
who has hardened their heart to love.
As I read it I discovered it was written,
in response to another poem,
Someday Victory.
from the blog of “The sanctuary of my heart”.
Both poems impressed me in equal measure.

Now for something very different.
I really enjoyed this post
“The three mistakes to make to not get laid by your wife”,
from the blog “The loationcommotion”,
A great fun read,
with more than a hint of truth in it.

Lastly some fantastic visual fun.
This blog is in my reader,
and everyday he makes me laugh.
His blog is “Things could be worse”
and he features cartoon pictures,
such as this one titled,
“The difference between first day of high school,
and first day of college”

Or this one,
14 year olds then vs 14 year olds now.
Go visit and scroll through past posts,
I challenge you not to laugh.

So there you have it,
another week of reading and writing over.
I hope you enjoy my offerings.
Keep blogging.
And never give up,
some day you too might “Freshly Impress” me.

Photo credit: my buddy Duncan at The Mad Hatters

15 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #3

  1. Awe, I understand that rage you feel inside at me right now. i was there Tric, I was there. Lol. You read these lovely poems and what not and then read stuff like me ranting about no more treats in school? That’s quite a collection you expose yourself to! I love you for it. You’re writings are always lovely, You freshly impress the freshly pressed people soon enough, I’m sure of it.

    1. I have a few months counselling booked I should be okay by Christmas! 🙂
      Ah no you know I jest, I am delighted for you. It was a great post. Comhgairdeas leat. (congratulations to you in Irish, but you will have to google it if you don’t trust me!)

    1. Ha ha. You impress me regularly!. I do try to find new posts which I stumble upon for this as I think sometimes we all tend to “follow” similar people as perhaps we think alike.I think every few weeks I will do one from those I follow exclusively also. It’s easier and more fun than trying to pay back those you enjoy with awards which just give them a load of work.

    1. You are very welcome Dan. I am delighted to have found this post and your blog. I hope others enjoy your writing as much as I am.

        1. I am glad to help put you on the road to realising you are a lot better than you think you are and others you do not even know appreciate your writing.

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