Men do not improve with age.

My husband is a genius.
In times of trouble and strife,
he is always there to pick me up.
Well after twenty years together you would hope so.

Take this morning for example.
I woke early with my eldest daughter who fled the nest yesterday,
weighing heavily on my mind.

No moping in bed for me.
Today I was going to be strong.
No more tears.
Then I went downstairs and saw her open bedroom door,
her empty room,
the smell of her perfume.
For a moment my resolve weakened but I rallied.
I could do this.

Into the kitchen I went,
to my loving caring partner of many years.
How well he knows me.
As he held me in a lovely good morning hug.
I felt myself beginning to crumble.
Tears began to sting my eyes.

And then he turns to me,small__4628277817 (1)
and says….

I was looking around our bedroom and thinking,
if you put your own clothes away the kids might learn to do the same!”.

Needless to say the red mists descended,
and I forgot all about our missing daughter.

….Maybe he does know me well after all,
or maybe men do not improve with age?

photo credit: joshjanssen via photopin cc

20 thoughts on “Men do not improve with age.

    1. When he read it this evening he burst out laughing and then he said, “oh that explains this morning!”. Your right gotta love them.

  1. no doubt about it – that man is a fecken genius

    didn’t you immediately stop moping around the house, thinking of your ‘missing’ daughter ?

    I’m telling you, he should get a job working with the Samaritans – he’s a natural for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Read on! He read this tonight and laughed so loudly. Then he said.. “so that explains this morning!”. Maybe not such a genius after all!

    1. Yes those tears did not burn for long! You should have seen him the following morning, it was priceless, he was very careful to assess my mood. We had a great laugh about it. Thanks for the comment as always I love to hear from you.

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